You had me at "Meow"

in PowerHouseCreatives3 years ago (edited)

This sign hangs in a local pet-grooming salon. It was too cute not to photograh!

I had heard the quote: "You had me at 'Hello'" a time or two in the past but never knew where it originated. So, when I saw this sign, I went looking for the source of the original quote. It is, apparently, from the movie Jerry Maguire. As my online research revealed, a couple in the movie went through a rough patch in their relationship and separated. The guy returns and launches into a speech to win her back. She stops him partway through and admits that he had her interest in reconciling as soon as he said, "Hello" to her.

So, the kitty had me at "Meow" and my heart melted! 💖 😁


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