OLD BARN № 069

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This lovely barn was definitely once part of a working farm. There are nicely manicured fields around it now so perhaps the owner harvests hay, but no other crops are visible, nor have I seen any livestock. The structure of this building suggests to me that it once housed livestock in inclement weather, although there is no hay loft.

This is definitely a rustic building, built solely for function with no pretentious air or decoration about it. Of course, this might have only been one of two or more barns on the farm back in its heyday.

The really cool thing about this barn is that it is located near the base of Glassy Mountain, a natural landform about which I've written in the past — most recently in my post about the Three Sisters. I was unable to get a good photograph of both the barn and the mountain together, but the following Streetside View from BING Maps shows the barn and the northern side of the mountain behind it quite nicely. I find this to be a very lovely scene!

screenshot from BING Maps. street view

The following is a photograph of Glassy Mountain which I took several years ago, showing the entire mountain from the western side. The large granite outcropping which appears in the center of the mountain in the above view appears on the left in the below view.

At least twice in my life, I have driven to the top of Glassy Mountain, parked my car, and then hiked down a steep trail to the top of the granite outcropping that is visible in the above view. Although the mountain really isn't very tall, a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside appears from atop that granite face. What a gorgeous scene, with the lush, green fields down below and the other mountains in the distance! The furthest mountains in the view, pale bluish color along the horizon just below the clouds, are the mountains that separate South Carolina and North Carolina.

The following aerial photograph from BING Maps shows the rough location of the mountain, drawn by me in freehand, and the barn designation '069' just to the north, above it. Scattered around are other numbers showing barns that have already been featured in my blog as well as white dots for barns that have yet to be featured.

screenshot from BING Maps. aerial view

Lastly, I show a screenshot from AcmeMapper.com, which is an another awesome site for viewing maps. I placed a little red barn image at the location of OLD BARN № 069 to show how close it is to the mountain. The "X" on the barn door marks the location on the map.

screenshot from AcmeMapper.com

Thank you for joining me on this little expedition to see this lovely barn and its surrounding area!


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