OLD BARN № 068

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I think this is one of the prettiest barns in my collection, and one of the most unusual, too, for several reasons. First, it has a drive-bay that is off-center, there on the right instead of in the middle of the main wall. Also there are several smaller doors on that main wall, instead of just one or two. The door on the second level is obviously a hay-door, for loading hay, as evidenced by the beam protruding outward over it for affixing a pulley system. Most hay-doors are square, though, so that rectangular opening is also peculiar.

Another unusual feature is the green roof, seen in the following alternative view a little ways down the road. Most barn roofs are painted red, or left as bare sheet metal which rusts to a reddish-brown over time, but this green roof coordinates so nicely with the green of the landscape!

Also, note the extremely long shadow from the beam over the hay-door. That shadow reaches almost down to the drive bay!

There are so many barns in this area, as the following screenshot from BING Maps shows. The numbers indicate barns that have already been featured in my blog, and the white dots indicate barns that have yet to be featured. Also, this is just one area of this rather rural county, with many other similar areas! A couple of adjacent counties have similar areas.

The Department of Public Works for the county indicates 1,362‬ miles (2,192 km) of roads that are maintained by the county or state. I have already resigned myself to the fact that I simply cannot explore them all. But, I have cataloged over 300 barns thus far, and adding more to the collection periodically as time, health, and life-in-general allow.

Please stay tuned as more barns are unveiled, one-by-one!


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