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Some people are aware of browser "extensions" which add increased functionality to whatever web browser one prefers. In this post, I will list the browser extensions which I currently use the most, along with links for anyone who wishes to add them to their browser's arsenal.

screenshot from the Opera AddOns store, pale-green background added by me

🔸 HTTPS Everywhere
As soon as I heard about the launch of this extension in 2011, I downloaded it immediately and have been using it ever since. It is always the very first extension I download and install on any browser! It is a collaboration from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the TOR Project. The function of the extension is to redirect all URLs to secure https versions whenever possible, therefore making browsing safer and more secure.

🔸 HiveKeychain
Developed by @stoodkev, @yabapmatt, & @aggroed, this extension is indispensable for working smoothly with the Hive blockchain. It simplifies the storing and usage of security Keys for signing transactions on the blockchain. The keys are encrypted and saved in the browser extension, so there is no worry about their being transmitted when they are used. Keys for multiple accounts can be saved, so if one is managing a project account as well as a personal account, switching is easy-peasy! The extension also features the ability to send coins, delegate, and perform vesting operations (PowerUp/PowerDown) very easily.

🔸 SteemKeychain
This is a same extension as the above HiveKeychain, but it works with the Steem blockchain instead, performing the same operations in a smooth and secure manner.

The following extensions contain links to Opera's extension store,
but similar extensions might be found if you search for them
in the extension store for your preferred browser!

🔸 Install Chrome Extensions
My preferred web browser is Opera because it is fast — much faster than Chrome, Brave, Firefox, or any other browser I've tried — and doesn't have the spyware that comes with Google Chrome. It includes a free VPN, and many other nice features. Since was built from the Chromium webkit as Brave, Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, and some other browsers, it can run extensions from the Chrome extension store with the addition of this little piece of code.

🔸 Dark Mode
As an older person with cataracts, bright light hurts my eyes. Even when a computer screen isn't running at full-brightness, white webpages are often difficult to look at and harder to read. Not all websites are kind-enough to provide a 'Night Mode' option, so the 'Dark Mode' extension is great for most pages. A few websites still refuse to display in Night Mode even with this extension 😒 but most do!

🔸 Translator
I just installed this translator extension, so I am still test-driving it. So far, it seems to work rather well at translating highlighted text on any webpage into my preferred language.

🔸 Opera Ad Blocker
Another freebie for Opera users, and it works beautifully. When sites insist on visitors disabling the AdBlocker, one simple click on the extension reveals a "Disable for this site" button. So easy!

🔸 Save from Net Helper
This is one of the best, if not the best, extension for enabling downloads on many sites, from Soundcloud to YouTube. This is a big help to me, sometimes, since I don't have high-speed Internet at home.

What are your favorite browser extensions?
Am I missing something that I simply cannot
live without...? 😂 Tell us in the coments!


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal



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Nice, i got some more on the security, ads and tracking... There would be:

  • No-Script Suite Light
  • Disconnect
  • Ghostery
  • AdBlock Plus
  • uBlock Origin
  • Adblock Ultimate

...and you can safe-surf! 😎

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