Boundary Road

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I have yet to learn what Boundary Road delineates, as it isn't the boundary of the county or anything else that I can discern. Perhaps it was named for some boundary that once existed, between still-existing volunteer fire districts in the county, or something similar.

Boundary Road is yet another of hundreds of rural roads in the county that goes past homesteads, farms, houses, barns, pastures, and fields. It is home to several barns in my Old Barn Project, but today I want to feature a beautiful pasture, studded with trees and cattle. It is such a lovely scene for passers-by!

Of course, I had to try tweaking the photo to make it look a bit like a painting, as I often do, and the result is shown below. I think it loses some of its breathtaking quality, however, unlike my barn photos.

The above artistic foray began with creative processing of the following original photograph, shot from the open window of my car as I paused along the road:

The photo was shot on an overcast day so the colors were a bit muted, but the overcast day made for perfect, evenly-dispersed lighting! I enhanced the original a bit to brighten the scene and bring out some of the finer details before doing the artistic work. If you click on the photo and zoom-in, you can see that the cattle have turned to look at me, probably wondering, "What is that crazy lady doing...?" 😂

This is such a pretty spot to me! I love the various shades of green in the shot, the trees of various shapes and sizes, and the charming cattle, peacefully and happily grazing on the lush grass.


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