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RE: Steem Basic Income Giveaway: How many times?

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Because I am falling in and out of keto, my pattern changes. Also, I (try to be consistent about) taking a fiber supplement.

it goes from a once a day (after my coffee, like the rest of us LOL), to once every 3 days (then many times during that day)

on keto 1/day
but when I fall off the keto wagon 1/3 days

the supp. I take is a fiber pill with both pre-biotics and pro-biotics, and when I do remember to use it, it make things a lot...easier???

the best? on keto, with the and out of the head like the wind ;>


Never push! Only expand. LOL. I tell my kids that all the time too.

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have you suggested lamaze to them? ;>

Hahaha. Nope. I just tell them to relax their anal sphincter.


you'd be surprised how often I have to tell that to people in the middle of normal conversation...
then again my idea of normal conversations can be a wee different ;>

HAHAHAH. When I was a High School Teacher, I used to tell my students to "eat more fiber." Sometimes one of them would be confused enough/care enough to ask my what fiber had to do with the conversation. Students who already knew me would start laughing before I even started explaining.

 4 years ago 

Oh, I guess that a changing diet would have bit of an effect on this! Coffee does really seem to be the stimulation for a poop break though!

defintely one of the better drugs out there!

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