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RE: Steem Basic Income Giveaway: How many times?

in ART LOVERS4 years ago

I must say Bengy this is a crappy question but I’ll add my three a week to it. L0L. I think men have less problems with their bowels as they seem to go mostly once a day while women not so much.

I never thought much about having a bowel movement when younger but now I am more vigilant and will often drink 1/2 glass of pure prune juice if the system seems to be slow.


it's a shit question XD

😂 it does raise a stink.

 4 years ago 

Haha... I"m sure that we've all really wanted to ask it though! I seem to not really have a problem with the daily thing... although, my wife does seem to think it is weird that it is like clockwork... she thinks it is all in my head! (The need to poop, not the physical poop...).

I’m glad the poop is not in your head Bengy. 😂

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