Woke up drooling on my pillow! 😂

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Good morning, friends! 😀

I woke up in a very good mood, wait! Why did I say am in a very good mood?... Because other days are just average? Lol


Yes its true, I woke up like this because I slept for 7hours and 51 minutes. I know I could sleep more but when I don't, I noticed everything won't workout with me on that day. On the other hand, if I over sleep, which is great sometimes but so many times I feel lazy to move and procrastinate a lot through the day.

Whenever I check my fitbit and I see that I was having a restless sleep that night. I would go back and think what causes it, then I would realized I was stress about something, or I was hungry or sometimes overtired from my workout when I don't get any rest days which isn't good for my health, it's always about getting balance.

I think it's good to be aware of what's going on with our health, and sleep is one the most important factor of it. Specially this current situation where our routine have shifted, some of us we have so much time to kill but we tend not to get enough sleep at night because we get caught in something. Whether it's a TV series, online work, online gaming and so on. You know changes to make to take care of your health.

So, I woke up drooling this morning, and that means I was really having a good sleep, haha! I know it's not sexy to picture it (plus wearing sports bra on top of pajamas) but believe it or not the best sleep is when your drooling on your pillow! Haha Now that pillow is in the wash! 😂

Even though I slept for almost 8 hours it felt like I have been sleeping for days, am feeling great! Is it the same on your end?


So, how was your sleep?


Good sleep can really change the way you see the world.
Nice job on getting it completely!

Yeah, sleeping is very important to keep health in good condition, it seems like you stay at luxuries hotel/suits!!

Well if I could curl up in a cosy robe maybe it would help, haven't been having the best sleep of late

OMG ! 💙💙💙 ♩♬♬

Hi @purepinay looking like you having good comfy stay for your good sleep too. Have a great day ahead! Steem on!

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