Wednesday Walk - Bitter Cold Brings Beautiful Rainbow Full Moon...

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On the day before the full moon, I was driving home from work when on my right I spotted the beautiful setting sun and on my left a big old moon rising!

Seeing this bought to mind the rising and falling away, of each day and each moment, coming into being and falling away.

Both were very beautiful! But alas I had no camera!

When I arrived home the moon was just rising over the tree tops which would make for a beautiful picture so I rushed to the house to get my camera but I was too late, the moon was higher in the sky and smaller. Being it was bitterly cold I snapped a few photos and headed inside to warm up by the wood heater.

Close Up of Moon Almost Full - Only a Tiny Sliver Missing

full moon Jan 10 2020 good.JPG

The next day I figured I'd go out earlier and catch some photos of the full moon as it was rising in the sky. It was -30 Celsius so I wanted to time it just right so I won't be outside too long. But the moon wasn't co-operating and didn't rise at the same time or place. After two trips to the front of the lane that was enough. I would wait and catch it as it rose over the spruce trees by our deck.

I kept checking and it was no where to be found so I settled in, warm in front of my computer and began working away not really wanting to go outside any more.

Then around 8:30pm I got this strong urge to go check the moon and sure enough it was just coming up through the spruce trees so I bundled up and grabbed my camera. Was I ever glad I did for I got some fabulous shots of the full moon, with so many wonderful pictures it was hard to choose which ones to post.

Lets start with the one of the first view of the moon through the spruce branches...

Spruce Needles Silhouetted by the Full Moon

silhouette of spruce needles in front of full moon.JPG

Glow of the Full Moon Silhouettes the Spruce and Poplar Branches

full moon shines through pine and spruce branches.JPG

There was a bit of a haze (probably from the cold) and some light clouds were starting to come in. This made for a beautiful effect of a ring around the moon!

Clouds Starting to Move in by Full Moon

slight colored clouds glowing full moon spruce poplar branches bottom edges.JPG

Beautiful Poplar and Spruce Branches Silhouetted by the Full Moon Sporting a Colored Ring

beautiful poplar and spruce silhouettes in front of bright full moon with colored rings Jan 10 2020.JPG

At times it looked like a rainbow over the moon!

Rainbow Over the Full Moon with Silhouettes of Poplar and Spruce Trees

beautiful poplar and spruce silhouettes touch the bright full moon with colored rings like rainbow Jan 10 2020.JPG

Taking a closer look, the colors from the glow of the full moon accented the light clouds creating a picture that reminded me of the old masterpiece paintings!

Glow of Full Moon Highlights the Clouds in Orange and Red

spruce silhoueted with glow of full moon light colored clouds like masterpiece painting Jan 10.JPG

The towering spruce trees made beautiful silhouettes with the glow of the full moon!

Towering Spruce Illuminated By the Bright Full Moon

spruce silhouetted by light of full moon in slight colored haze.JPG

Pair of Spruce Trees Silhouetted by the Full Moon

shiny full moon formation of ring spruce silhouettes in foreground Jan 10 2020.JPG

I was trying out a new feature on my camera which allowed for more light in with the push of a button. I never tried the brighter/darker button before and it made for some different effects, even casting a red glow a few times!

Red Glow From the Full Moon Silhouettes the Trees

spruce silhouettes in front of full moon with red ring and glow jan 10 2020.JPG

Spruce Branches Touching in Front of the Red Glow of the Full Moon

spruce silhouettes in front of full moon with red glow jan 10 2020.JPG

Here is that same view with blue and orange rings showing around the full moon -

Bright Full Moon ringed with Colors Silhouettes the Spruce Trees

full moon ringed with glow light colored clouds 2 spruce poplar twig silhouettes in front Jan 10 2020.JPG

I was mesmerized by the beautiful site before me! And because I was on the deck and could try out my new tripod I kept snapping pictures! Of course I had to zoom in for a close up of the full moon -

Close Up of Full Moon January 10 2020

closeup full moon Jan 10 2020.JPG

I was beginning to shake but the view kept changing and was so beautiful so I kept snapping photos until my battery finally died. That was good for I was chilled to the bone and took a fair bit of warming up by the wood heater!

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the full moon as much as I have! I had many more but these were some of the best!

The #Wednesdaywalk is an initiative by @tattoodjay see his latest post here he collaborates with @elizacheng and her #MakeMeSmile initiative see her latest post here.
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All images were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX 60 HS

Thanks for stopping by!

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Your images reminded me of a favorite Filipino teleseries called "La Luna Sangre" - The Blood Moon.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

Wonderful shot of the full moon.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Simply gorgeous, as always, but I loved your opening photo of the spruce!

We saw this ring around the moon a few days back, I can't remember if it was very early morning or evening.

I love all the photos of the full Moon, goign out when its that cold is impressive I am findingi fele the cold more these days

thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

 3 months ago 

Absolutely beautiful photos hon! Capturing the moon successfully is an art all on its own!

Totally love your moon photos. 🌚🌛🌜🌝

@porters heya, we can say that's the god creations!! We are left astonished when we look and admire such moments!!! Lucky you!!!
Good luck for your future articles!!! Keep steeming and one last thing that I would really appreciate and feel good if you go through my content and give your review!!! Thanks 😊

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That's beautiful :) I've never seen such colour around the moon before, that's so fantastic!

Wow great photos. No moon here only fog. Thanks for the walk. 💕

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 3 months ago 

Make me smile at how you braved -36 deg C to capture these magical photo's to share with us.

Crisp cold air, a smattering of thin clouds, wonderful trees join in this unique photographic captures.

Stunning beauty @porters.

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What a beautiful full moon! So glad you could capture these, they are beautiful. Does the camera hold up okay in freezing temperatures? What camera do you use?

I was happy I took the plunge and went out in the -30 weather one more time to capture these pictures1 It really was magical out there but oh so darn cold!
The cold is really hard on the batteries and when I come in the lens fogs up so I have to leave it uncovered to let that moisture evaporate and it is a while before it is clear to take more picture. glasses will do the same thing when you come in from the cold.
I need to buy a spare battery so I'm not left with a dead battery and the photo ops passing me by!
The camera is a Canon Powershot SX 60 HS that @papilloncharity had recommended to me.
I had a simple Canon Powershot point and shot and this is a point and shoot that you can also set to manual for better control. That is what I am trying to learn now how to go off auto and manually do the camera settings.
I'm very happy with this camera and have been having loads of fun and my photography has improved immensely!

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