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I JUST reached 2000 SP!!

After powering up with my most recent author rewards. Despite all the Sun drama this entire week, I powered up every single time I had any liquid Steem.

And I'm really happy to finally cross this milestone. I'm nowhere near a dolphin yet, but to hit 2,000 SP just encourages me to continue Steeming on.

Powering up constantly is my way of expressing my bright hopes for the Steem community - we will get through this, better, stronger on the other side!

Now, onto my entry for the PowerHouseCreatives contest: Dream Dreams by @zord189.

Deep breaths.

Then darkness.

Sound asleep, I enter the dreamscape. Not of my own volition, but some inner voice gently tugging me there.

The lights go back on.



I was on the thirty-ninth floor of a tall skyscraper, together with my band of five superheroes.

One of them was dressed in blue, white, red - holding a shield, Captain America's shield. The iconic star on the shield and his chest was blazing.

We formed a semi-circle around the villian simply known as V.

"It's over. Give it up." Our echoes resounded in the luxurious office space in that tall skyscraper.

V let out a malicious cackle - one resembling all his evil predecessors of time past.

"Not yet." V flashed a grin.


Suddenly, the sound of gushing waters caught our attention.

We turned our heads and peered out of the full-length glass panels.

Huge tsunami-like waves were crashing into the seaport city. They swallowed surf shops, restaurants, shopping malls whole.

The city folk were running amok, trying to escape, but the waves surged and overtook them. Seas of people folded into the turbulent turquoise of the devouring sea.

The sea, which at V's bidding was coming for us too.



We all crouched down as the tsunami waves crashed into the skyscraper like an American football player would tackle the enemy quarterback.

We all crouched down, out of pure instinct, though we knew that it didn't help the skyscraper from pummeling down into the mouth of the deep blue.

In the midst of the chaos, V snapped a finger and teleported away, leaving a trail of mist.

The last thing we were cognizant of was gurgling sounds.

[fade to black]


Okay, this was the most iconic scene in my dream, which happened in slow motion. It's the only scene that I can describe in full HD cinematic glory.

There was definitely a resolution to this apparent defeat of the superheroes (note: Endgame) - but it was as if someone hit the fast-fast-forward button on the remote control.

So the superheroes all went down into the sea, but somehow managed to survive by being washed up at shore.

V didn't know that we were still alive, so we had the element of surprise.

However, a couple (featuring my friends in real life...) were traitors and gave our co-ordinates away to V.

Enraged, V came after us to destroy us once and for all.

The last battle happened in a dilapidated factory building. V arrived there, and he was one floor below us.

At the very last moment, the traitors had a change of heart and misled V. Due to them playing double agent, we were able to put V away once and for all.


Don't ask me why I dreamed of this.

It was a cross between Avengers and my childhood favourite natural disaster movie, the Day after Tomorrow.

I don't wish it would happen - please don't come true, climate change woes!

Yet, on another level, I would enjoy being part of a grand adventure (superhero abilities are COOL too)!

If I had my pick, I'll be a mind-reader and mind-influencer wrapped in an invisibility cloak.

Who do you want to be?

Image Sources: Victor Garcia and Camila Castillo, via Unsplash

Do you have any reactions to my dream? Please drop some love in the comments below!

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