It pains me to write this...

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I have so much anger, fear, sadness, shock, hate, worries and stress building up inside of me, waiting to explode at any time, and I don't know how or where to release it! I drop everything this week, didn't open my laptop for a week, my mind is so troubled, it's so blank most of the time... Not to mention there are so many death and sad incidences happening these few weeks, it's just too overwhelming...

I never thought "Cancer" would come knocking on our family's door, especially not to my dear lovely sister! She's a kind loving soul, live a healthy and peaceful life, WHY is this happening to her??!! I cried every night just by thinking about this. Even writing this now is making me teary...

We have been in and out of the hospital for the past week, all of us are mentally, emotionally and physically tired. We will only know the biopsy report next Tuesday to decide the course of treatment, and the waiting is just killing me... Rose has been with us all the way, some of you might saw her Instagram about us and regarding emotional eating, some times I needed that to help me release some intense stress...

I choose to write this post for a few reasons. One of it is to help me release this pressure that's been building inside day by day... I tried not to think of the worst but my mind has failed me many times. I just can't lose her...

Secondly, is to let others know I have not given up this platform, just taking an absent to settle my personal matter... Though I will still pop in to support from time to time...

I'm not good at expressing my feelings with words. I just hope you can pray for my sister, I hope she can get through this with the love and strength and support from all of us.


Thank you in advance.
Joe Lai

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But of course we will pray for her and for all of you my dear friend.
I would not have known about your dilemma if you hadn't posted about it.
You now have to be strong for your sister's sake.
Take care at this time and don't be afraid to talk about your feelings, as venting is a sure stress reliever.

Thank you my friend, your words warmth me...

Glad to help a little bit my friend.

It does my friend.


Ah man I'm so sorry to hear about this sad news :(

There are many questions you will have on the "how" and "why" but this isn't important right now. Channel your energy and your focus in to being there for your sister and send those positive vibes her way for successful treatment.

I know the emotions you're going through and my thoughts are going out to you right now. STEEM isn't important at this moment in time, your family needs you Joe, stay strong my friend.

Thank you so much my dear friend! I just needed to vent out. Am really touched by your kind words and prayers.

I am really sad to hear these news dear Joe. I hope for a quick and succesful treatment for your sister and please take of yourself too.

Thank you so much my dear friend, I will try my best.

I'm terribly sorry about your sister and all the bad things that you are going through right now.
I know that as an insider it is difficult to process when an outsider tells you to calm down and wait for the best; that this too shall pass. But that's the only thing I can think about.
My best wishes for you and your family.

Your wishes is just what I needed, thank you very much for your kind words...

I'm sorry to hear this my dear Joe. I know cancer, I lost my grandma because of it, my older sister had bone cancer, my uncle and my aunt had breast cancer and thanks to God they kicked the disease. I know how painful it is and how tiring it can be. Stay strong! All will be fine! We all gonna pray for your entire family. If you need to talk, im here for u. Love you!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you for lending your shoulder and lovely words to me...

 10 months ago 

Thoughts are with you, cancer really is scary, hopefully treatment will help.

Sadly we never know answers as to how or why, just look after yourself, be with your family, family always comes first.

Thank you @joanstewart, thank you for leaving your kind words here.

So sorry to read this... :(

Prayers to your sister, to you and your family... Stay strong, for her and the family

Thank you @ackhoo, really appreciated.

Sending prayers up for you and yours. You are not alone in this struggle and you can always reach out and air your challenge and frustrations. Many are ready to listen and offer whatever prayer , help or advice we can. Peace and love

Thank you so much for you prayers and love, I really needed that. Thank you...

Thank you so much for
You prayers and love, I really
Needed that. Thank you...

                 - joelai

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So sorry to hear your Sister and family are having to deal with this right now
I can imagine the emotions ripping through you right now our Daughter in Law has cancer also and has surgery inthe new year, Cancer sucks for sure

Hugs and prayers going your way

Thank you very much for your kind words. Sorry to know about your daughter in law is going through the same thing, hope she is recovering well.

My sis will be going for a surgery next Tues too...

Wishing your Sister all the best and sending positive energy and prayers, Our Daughte rin Law had the Surgery and is home now doing well

That good to hear, wish her a speedy recovery.

Thanks and the same for your sister

Hi @joelai, so sorry to hear that. I understand your feeling very well.
I got only one sister, also had cancer and left us last few years. I'm the one took care of her during her hospitalisation.

Praying to your sis and hope she get well soon. Be positive always especially to patient.
Hug and take care, my friend.

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Thank you for your encouraging words my friend, really appreciated.

Oh dear. Sorry. i also missing for some times. Hope she is getting better , pray for her . You must Take care too!

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Thank you very much for your prayer, much appreciated!

Howdy joelai..I'm so sorry to hear about this. Many people are beating cancer these days though and many will be praying. I hope you can keep in touch with postings occasionally and let us know how you and your sister are doing. God bless you both.

Howdy janton, I will try my best to be strong and hope to be able to do some post again soon. Thank you very much for your blessing.

God bless you both, I'll be praying whenever I think about the situation.

Thank you so much janton!

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I might not fully understand how you feel right now, but I have gone through few months ago...My beloved youngest sister diagnosed cancer for more than 1 year and couldn't survive. While mourning for her, my big uncle diagnosed cancer too. I couldn't believe it. It is a hard time for cancer patients and it is not Easy for their families. My prayers be with you.

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Thank you very much @miniu and so sorry for your lost.

We try to stay positive. The only thing now is to wait for the treatment to start.

Sorry I came across your post late! I hope your sister is well. These days more and more people are getting cancer due to various reasons such as pollution, stress, pesticides in food and etc. Please watch Erin Brokovich movie. Several years ago my friend passed away due to gastrointestinal cancer leaving behind three young kids. She ate healthily but it could be due to eating too much commercially purchased preserved and pickled food. Pickles were her weakness. Then there were reports claiming that drinking piping hot soup can lead to throat cancer so we need to let soup cool down to at least 60 degree celcius. Please take care and stay positive. Best wishes to your family!

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