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 last year 

Proudly @steemsouthafrica always, thanks for visiting.

What a beautiful walk! It is no wonder why the heron is called the Goliath, it is huge! I just love trees that have so many uses, giving all of itself and the poem is beautiful. Of course the flowers are very pretty too. Beautiful photos! : )

 last year 

Nature is always rewarding us with surprises around every corner, thanks for visiting and kind comment.

Hello beautiful, I wish you a happy week, I have a party on Mondays so my week starts today
what a beautiful walk and I love the bird

 last year 

Good idea to party on Monday shorter week to have more fun outdoors hopefully, have a lovely week and thanks for visiting.

 last year 

I love the baobabs lady Joan and up in the northern countries of Africa they make stunning scenery. Can't remember if I saw a picture printed in my memory in Sossusvlei or elsewhere.
That Heron is also a great shot as well as your KZN brand of Hibiscus trees!

 last year 

Some areas down here the baobab does settle quite well, Limpopo region is where they thrive all the way into Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Goliath Heron a regular along the rivers along with hibiscus trees, I am sure you have seen them they are ever present up and down this coast including wetland areas.

 last year 

I traveled in all of those areas Lady Joan and I remember in one town a tree was so big that a guy built a bar inside its hollow trunk.
But it was a long time ago.
Goliath Heron, yes, I have seen and snapped. Beautiful birds indeed.

 last year 

Giant Sunland Tree eventually collapsed with a grand old age under the belt....

 last year 

Always so sad to see a fallen giant Lady Joan.
But such is time and life.


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 last year 

Thanks @steemitbloggers #powerhousecreatives going from strength to strength.

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 last year 

Thank you @steemitworldmap appreciated.

Great shots on your walk, Joan. The baobabs tree gives so much. I always say trees are the guardians of the earth and without them we couldn’t survive.

Love seeing the heron. He looks a lot like the Great Blue Heron that comes this way in the warmer weather.

 last year 

Baobab of all the trees has a unique signature in whatever surrounding it is found in over here, yes good guardians to all that have the pleasure of enjoying them properly.

Large heron is very similar to the one you have, you really cannot miss them by the sheer size, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

Thanks for sharing your WALK and SMILE...
The young tree that didn't survive the harsh weather... 🥺 But then I guess new life will sprout from there and it will be stronger... Love the nature...

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 last year 

Too much water, roots could no longer hold the tree up being a tree that thrives in dry regions. Some new life is sprouting from the logs laying on the ground.

 last year 

Great to see you still here, trust you are well, a belated happy new year @ianstevenson

Howdy joanstewart! this is a wonderful wednesday walk, the phots are great and I particularly like that big Heron!

 last year 

I stand to be corrected but I think the Goliath is the largest of all the heron family. Thanks for visiting Janton.

It looks like a huge bird indeed joanstewart, I've love to watch those big birds walk around and catch fish!

Hello joanstewart!

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