Such lovely green nature photographers! They warm a frozen scandinavian soul.

 5 months ago 

Glad you found some warm comfort reading this @njord thanks for visiting.

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 5 months ago 

Thank you for support @steemitbloggers

You are having your spring to summer season now, correct? The foliage in front of the mountain range looks lush with new green growth. I really appreciate the many photos of SA that you and others share with us!

 5 months ago 

Yes we are now into summer, we have had rain this year which transforms the African grasses to green after winters gold/brown. Thanks for lovely comment and visit.

A very nice tree Tuesday! What pretty country they have there!

 5 months ago 

Thanks for visiting @old-guy-photos very different conditions to Northern Hemisphere, surprised to learn about rose family species on this continent, have got one of the eight in my garden to share soon.

I like the flower, it is very beautiful ...

 5 months ago 

Wish it was closer down, bit difficult to capture a close up clearly.

@joanstewart - I don't know the Ouhout and I have learned something about rhe African Dog Rose Rosa canina and the Red stinkwood - very interesting. Thank you.

 5 months ago 

I have the Desert Rose - Impala lily in my garden, Ouhout when you see it now you will recognize it in higher mountain regions.

The South African Dog rose, Rosa laevigata as also the Macartney rose Rosa bracteata that are planted along farm fences in the Western Cape do have their uses and so also the wichuriana hybrid Alberic Barbier that is planted for kms along the roads in the Elgin region. Source

Found the article interesting reading as to how long roses have been around.

Red stinkwood is a tree that is in our local parks, unfortunately due to medicinal properties in the bark one does see the trees being stripped of bark periodically.

Beautiful photos and great info about this interesting tree. I can see where it would play an important role as a Windbreak, and give shelter to a lot of critters!

 5 months ago 

Rugged, fits into the terrain and has some good use.

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Thanks for pinning to map @steemitworldmap

Good for fire starters Lady Joan.
A lovely post here!

 5 months ago 

Real old smokey joe fire you dance around LOL...

Hahaha, a good chirp Lady Joan.

Lovely to have such a hardy and as you found out quite useful tree and an interesting flower! Is there much of a scent in the flower?
Thanks for sharing some of the flora from your part of the world!

 5 months ago 

Flowers have always been high up in the tree, when walking close to the tree in flower I have never smelt a perfume off it either.

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 5 months ago 

Thank you for a lovely visit @theluvbug

 5 months ago 

That's some epic scenery, absolutely lovely!

 5 months ago 

Thanks for enjoying and visit.

Beautiful shots @joanstewart. Those mountains are incredible, such rugged beauty. And of course, the rose, wow!!

 5 months ago 

From one rose species to the other, stark contrast. Magic always found up in the mountains @birdsinparadise

Lovely shots of the tree, Joan @joanstewart. Trees are so valuable, providing shelter and medicinal properties.

Snakes may be hiding under the tree..eeeek!

 5 months ago 

When in the long grass with trees toppled over a path one does tend to be extra cautious, don't need a snake peeking out....

Great post. Very thorough. All trees are useful one way or another.
Beautiful proverb

For the sake of the rose the thorn is watered too

 5 months ago 

Our traditional healers still work with tree bark, plants, roots out of nature with remedies carried down family lines.

Great photos @joanstewart 🙏


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 5 months ago 

Thanks for the compliment @wonderwop and the token, every little counts.

Such interesting pants and thanks for sharing the info about them, seems more plants have medicinal purposes than.I ever knew

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

 5 months ago 

Local tribes have used bark, roots, flowers and leaves in so many different ways even different grasses so always learning something new all the time, western world still looking into many plants on this continent.

Have a fantastic day and thanks for visiting.

 5 months ago 

Oh I love this quote: for the sake of the rose the thorn is watered too.
Nice post

 5 months ago 

Glad you enjoyed the proverb, they do carry messages I enjoy @owasco

Beautiful post, @joanstewart! I love learning about the flora from other places, especially when it is so different from what I know!

 5 months ago 

Likewise @jayna I enjoy seeing plants from other continents. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with you family.

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 5 months ago 

Thank you for updates @steemitboard

These are all foreign plants and trees to me and I thank you for sharing them here. I love trees and your country is amazing. Hope I could see it one day.

 5 months ago 

I see many familiar plants in your region to what we have on some of your posts @watersnake101 this is typically only found in Africa. Thanks for visiting.

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 5 months ago 

Thanks for token @wonderwop and dropping it off @trendotoken

I don't know anything about trees and shrubs, but your pictures and explanations of the ones where you live look nice. Also good you know their beneficial qualities for man and the environment.

 5 months ago 

Glad you enjoyed this unusual bush that we find in certain areas @jusclickindiva thanks for visiting.