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Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.- Martin Luther King, Jr.

This last week has proven testing not only to the Steem blockchain and our top 20, but to each and every single individual that holds this space close to their heart. Emotions have run marathons in the last seven days, opinions have flung further than shit on a fan ever did, the proverbial middle finger was raised in unison, the community stood together tighter than 300 spartans and the SOUL of Steem suddenly found their voice.

There are a LOT of people regurgitating what has been going on with the whole Justin Sun drama - that's great... I think the news needs to spread, and there are always those that need to be informed with the ABC's but I have done more than my bit toward that... and continue to do so - but that is NOT what this post is about... and for good reason!

For the first time in a VERY FNCKING LONG TIME the "irrelevants", the "discarded" and "disregarded" around here have found their loud speakers! I am referring to the people who have spent the better part of three years feeling like they mean nothing to this space because their voices were never heard. I am ALSO referring to the new blood in this space that have - by grace, arrived with their passion.

So, with that said -

This post goes out to our "top 20" and beyond!

@blocktrades, @roelandp, @good-karma, @anyx, @someguy123, @ausbitbank, @yabapmatt, @gtg, @themarkymark, @steempress, @aggroed, @cervantes, @thecryptodrive, @drakos, @lukestokes.mhth, @therealwolf, @followbtcnews, @steempeak, @abit, @ocd-witness, @emrebeyler, @curie, @stoodkev, @jesta, @netuoso, @actifit, @timcliff, @arcange, @liondani, @pharesim, @riverhead, @bhuz, @pfunk, @busy.witness, @nextgencrypto, @aizensou, @steemitboard, @guiltyparties, @justyy, @holger80, @neoxian, @oflyhigh, @kevinwong, @c-squared, @ats-witness, @quochuy, @firepower, @blockbrothers, @jackmiller, @mahdiyari, @c0ff33a, @delegate.lafona, @fyrst-witness, @wise-team, @coingecko, @ura-soul, @dragosroua, @adsactly-witness, @b0y2k, @qurator, @steemychicken1, @ihashfury, @steemed, @steemgigs, @stem.witness, @patrice, @complexring, @bobinson, @klye, @enginewitty, @partiko

A message to ALL of you, which I sincerely hope you take heed of.

Without delving into the unnecessary and "over-killed" detail of what we have ALL been through in the last little while, I would like to get my teeth stuck into something which I don't believe has been said yet - but is incredibly important! - Well, in my opinion anyway.

This "battle" has without question pushed the boundaries of this blockchain. The contemplations of "loss", "change" and even "failure" have become stark and almost realistic to one and all - yet despite surmounting circumstance the passionate voices and weight of the people here have lifted and carried it all.

Interestingly enough...We, the PEOPLE of Steem have ALWAYS been here - but seldom get heard or acknowledged... until needed.

And THIS is where my message to ALL of you listed above begins!

I think, that NOW is a REALLY good time to make it known that the BLOOD of this platform lies NOT within the money, but within the hearts of the people here. Although, if you have not already realised this through the activities of the last week+ then you simply must be living under a fncking ROCK!

There are MANY of us that do not approve of plenty of you that lie within the top 50 even... but let it be remembered that when it counted, we kept you there!!! - Yes! - WE kept you there for the sake of protecting this blockchain!

Why am I bringing this up?

Simple really...

As a community, we want what is best for Steem. We are the people who have ploughed our passions into this space. Given of our time, energy and love. We want to see this blockchain succeed, just like you do - except now I think it is safe to say that we want to see it succeed in a manner which ACKNOWLEDGES the VOICES of the PEOPLE who are the FOUNDATION of the network!


Plenty of people didn't want to vote to keep the top 20 in place - but have done so despite their reservations and distaste. The community, regardless of "inner conflicts", has pulled together and put monumental momentum behind driving the success of this battle. I, for one - would be enormously saddened to see all this effort become obsolete in two months time when our waters are still...

... and that is why I am speaking up!

I think it is important for all witnesses to realise that the Steem defensive TIDAL WAVE created did not come from any of you as individuals... it came from THE PEOPLE OF STEEM which you have yet to know the names of.

Don't forget that!

You may not know our names, but as the nameless - we collectively steer this ship and WE select YOU.... NOT the other way around!

Once we have all ridden this "Justin" wave... be mindful of the above, because you now have a community that is not only passionately dedicated - but has also realised their worth and is not afraid to stick to their guns.

I think I speak for most Steemians when I say in conclusion that we want to see a list of top 20 witnesses in place that positively actions growth for Steem.


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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I don't have anything against Justin or any other witness helping to keep the platform alive. All witnesses help keep the chain up and responsive (they just also happen to get a big say in the direction).
...BUT the essence of this community is decentralization, its at the heart of this blockchain. I only hope those who try to 'fix the system for control' realize its not a personal thing people are not supportive - its about values and understanding & respecting them ...well this is from my perspective.

A resounding round of applause from me! Jaynie, you have balls girl! It's probably in the back of our minds, but many fear to say it out loud. There are those at the top that have always had my vote and those that have had to prove themselves to earn it. However, there are also those who have never had my vote until now, for this common goal. While I love that we have been able to put disagreements aside and focus on that common goal, it's a bit along the lines of the "enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The events of the last week have also given me a better insight as to who I want to continue to support moving forward. I have droped votes from witnesses I have a lot of respect for in prefer to put them on the highest 30 and I can guarantee they will go back if/when this is over.

 2 years ago 

Thank you, I appreciate that recognition as well as the validation for what I have said.

 2 years ago 

I quote : As a community, we want what is best for Steem. We are the people who have ploughed our passions into this space. Given of our time, energy and love. We want to see this blockchain succeed, just like you do - except now I think it is safe to say that we want to see it succeed in a manner which ACKNOWLEDGES the VOICES of the PEOPLE who are the FOUNDATION of the network! and say AMEN 😉

 2 years ago 

AMEN! xxxx

Good said.

 2 years ago 

Nicely put @jaynie. It's really surprising what a group of disparate anarchists is able to do when confronted by an outside threat.

 2 years ago 

true story!!! and thank you :)

You couldn't have expressed it better Jaynie, your words are those of many here in this Blokchain. I hope your message touches some consciences!

 2 years ago 

Thank you angel. I hope so too.

Sometimes you have to put your differences aside and stand up as one for what is right

This is that time

Long Live The Fighters

 2 years ago 

love it!!!!!!

When you made the reference to "the 300" this immediately came to mind, and I just had to make a few quick edits.
Glad you liked it. Good Morning @jaynie

I won't kneel for anyone...

Neither will I @hans001, neither will I.

I bet he didn't realize that there was an actual community here who gave a damn and not just because of the profit. Well said @jaynie WE Are Steem!

 2 years ago 

Oh he had NO idea what a hornet's nest he stepped on. And thank you!

Who is more stupid:

A girl with Dawn Syndrome or Extreme Communists who don't understand basic economy?



Well written and your point of this post is precisely the reason I have prepared for alternates, I don’t think the needed outcome is possible...

Great post! 100% agree... When all this drama settle down, there will be a lot of changes in our Top20... Until then, they should be more careful with their statements and pumped self-esteem...

 2 years ago 

Precisely. This entire fiasco has brought many things to light....



 2 years ago 

Damn straight.

Those shields looks like an upvote. Coincidence?

 2 years ago 

I think not! Hahaha

"In here" for a bit this evening (here), I got a little boost in my spirits reading this @jaynie. Good for you in taking a leadership stance for your community's role in all that is unfolding. You may wish to "keep it coming," for their encouragement and support, as I suspect more and more people are going to need it ...

In choosing to attend, last night's Town Hall meeting with a huge disappointment. It was clear to me Justin Sun was attempting to "dial back" tensions a bit and open the door to some sort of conversation about a path forward. What amounted to little more than a mob scene spouting crude, profane, meaningless garbage in response was an embarrassment ...

In the absence of provable bad intentions, "my vote" would have been for our representatives to take the high road. At least until such time as Sun took the first "malicious actions," which made it provably and unmistakably clear he had bad intentions.

Didn't happen. No matter now. This is what matters ...


A lot of money is going to be flowing in, before this is finally settled. It's already begun ...

P.S. I'm going to put a suggestion in to the SteemPeak team about considering some way to show the total MVest available in each of our Steem communities. Then they would have a quantitative measure of how much influence they really have in getting this mess resolved ...

 2 years ago 

Thats a very good idea!!!

Thank you for this valuable input as well as for the validation of what I have said.

Very well said, @jaynie! The great thing about communities is that they come come together to handle challenges. The relationships have to be built in advance. But when there’s a call to arms, a solid community will come together. We are very fortunate to have that solid foundation! It could easily have gone another way.

 2 years ago 

So true!

Saludos amiga. Tu voz es mi voz en este momento porque tu sentir es el mío. Somos steemit en una sola voz. Esperemos que no olviden que el cardumen tiene poder porque unidos somos fuerza.

I am also thrilled by the strength of the community, but I confess I would find a more interesting ending to the story that Justin remained here because he understood what was going on and became a decent business partner. But you know, balance is not a human thing. Nor the witnesses nor Justin will probably give terrain to each other to come to an understanding and that's when you realize there is too much ego going on.

 2 years ago 

Oh so much ego lol

Hear! Hear! Power of the people! People of Steem!

see a list of top 20 witnesses in place that positively actions growth for Steem.

 2 years ago 

Hear hear indeed!

Really, really well said, @jaynie. You represent what many of us think. So thank you for that :)

 2 years ago 

My pleasure and thank you too for the validation.

Wonderfully written @jaynie! We are a community of big hearted, strong yet independant people and when the going gets tough, so do we :)

 2 years ago 

We sure do!!!! And thank you :)

I'm sure at least some of them already know this (even if in not so many words).

And hopefully the ones that need to be told are listening :)

 2 years ago 

Yes I certainly hope so too!

A very inspiring post indeed. With all our foibles and imperfections it is true when you say...

As a community, we want what is best for Steem.

Indeed the witnesses should remember that it was our sense of solidarity in the face of an external attack that has placed us in a maneuverable position. I learned as a young man that an effective leader does not obtain strength through titles and rank but through the loyalty and abilities of their people. The unit makes the leader successful not the other way around. The people of STEEM are that unit.

Thank you so much for this inspiring post. We still have a lot of work to do and I am honored as well as humbled to be a small part of this amazing STEEM Community that is making history in the Crypto World!

 2 years ago 

Yes it really is quite something! This will go down in the crypto history books, that's for sure... and I hope that this community never loses the voice which it has now found.

This represents the voice of many people, thank you @jaynie. :)

As a community, we want what is best for Steem. We are the people who have ploughed our passions into this space. Given of our time, energy and love.

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 2 years ago 

Yes agreed, thank you for your validation. And it is my pleasure!

Yes agreed, thank you
For your validation. And
It is my pleasure!

                 - jaynie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes, we ARE Steem... well said!

And here's the thing, we truly are Steem, because absent the thousands of content creators who have put millions of pages of content out there over the past almost four years... this place would just be... another blockchain project with lots of apps and no users!"

Oh wait... does that remind anyone of something else?


 2 years ago 

Hahahaha!!!! Yip it sure does!

And thank you.... very well said!!!

 2 years ago 

Hahaha!!! Mwah!!

Here! Here! 👍👍


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 2 years ago 


Couldn't agree more. I was actually thinking about how we use to have mini squabbles within the platform due to differences in opinions and now, look at us all dining together and fighting a common enemy. Maybe an existential crisis every 4 years will help us grow lmao

Bien dicho! BEER!

Thanks for your motivation :)

 2 years ago 

My pleasure :)

 2 years ago 

True wealth is in people, good reminder and very well said.

Members standing in solidarity is to be respected going forward, respect is earned on mutual ground.

As I community memeber, I totally back up everything you said.

Before all this I had maybe 10-12 witnesses I voted for, I never used up all my votes which might be my bad but I just didn't know who to vote for/trust because all of the "drama".

I agree that we, as a community, were able to unite to support those witnesses who were in the position to get to top 20 and I hope this message will reach out to the witnesses and that we can all turn this out for the best. :)

I have a lot of respect and gratitude towards all our witnesses who were doing their best during these challenging times. With that being said, I still don't know who to vote for once things go "back to normal". :D

Amen, Sister. That's as well stated as I've ever seen it!

Thank you.

united we are more @jaynie

Great post ^^ .. It is such a great thing to see that the whole community was standing up together for this.. I am so proud of every single one and also so honored to be a small part of this amazing community too 😉.. I lost my heart to all of you 😊

 2 years ago 

Yes very proud indeed. We truly are a force to be reckoned with.

I really hope that after this fiasco, that the witnesses will look more the larger community before taking such measures that will effect us all. This has been an interesting experiment to watch.

Well said, I think you hit the nail on the head!!

Just read through the post. I think you made a mistake in the title. Because I am Steem now. You all belong to me!

 2 years ago 

Here! Here! Preach sister! It was great to see the little guys getting our voices heard and to show we DO have the power and CAN come together. Now that we know this, what else might we accomplish?

But how do you really feel?

Teasing! Very truthful words and positive... many don't realize, more "under the hood" than just dollar signs! Community... ever think someone might just be here to chat with you?

Thank you for your continued support and friendship !tip

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Agreed with every word! Hopefully these passionate and sincere words go through the thick head of the witnesses who not so long before have been ignoring the fact that the community is the true value of this platform, and as such it's their duty to protect and nurture it

Exactly we are steemit

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well said! with my busy life I have had trouble keeping up with the info. Its cool to see the community come together against such a threat.

Should blockbrothers be removed from your list since they agreed to Justin's offer of a top 20 spot?

 2 years ago 

I listed 1-100 verbatim. They are still there and let this message apply EVEN MORE SO to them if needs be!

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Thanks for this @jaynie. You have expressed the thoughts of most of the collective. There is strength in numbers. Keep steeming girl. ❤️