Happy Valentines Day from Hospital...

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When I planned yesterday's pre-valentines Thursday dinner for my mom and I... I did not expect to end up here in a hospital bed.


We were enjoying a lovely dinner and some red wine at a gorgeous Mediterranean restaurant called "Cafe paradiso"...




When I collapsed in a heap.... pretty much over here...


And now I am here...


After leaving the restaurant to go to a doctor, it was established that my blood count was about half of what it should be...and because hindsight is 20/20 I will definitely be exploring medical aid options after having to be shoved from pillar to post in the public hospital system when discovering that I would need 3 pints of blood at approx. 6000 ZAR per pint through a private hospital (without medical aid)... and that is excluding all the other tests, scans and the hospital stay itself. So yeah... free comes at a price of enormous patience.

It has been an interesting stay so far to say the least. After several examinations and doctors, I was booked into the ward overnight for a blood transfusion and an ultrasound. On arrival at approx. 2am this morning, I was led to my bed in the public ward. At the foot of the bed next to me was a security guard.... I was not really surprised to see this as I just assumed she was there for the protection of all in the ward.

The lady next to me was creeping me out somewhat as she kept trying to talk to me and just blankly staring at me in the dark as I ate the takeout which had been brought for me. Eventually she asked me for some of my food so I just gave her the fries in the Hope's that she would stop boring holes through my head.

4am and the fluorescent lights went on as all the nurses came in to do their thing. It was at this point that I realised that my "neighbour" was indeed a prisoner at our notorious polsmoor prison and the "security" was there to watch her... not protect us lol.


Of all the people I could have landed up next to... it had to be a full blown criminal handcuffed ankles and hands to a bed. Lol!

Well, all I can say is what a bloody valentines day!!! It does not look like I will be going home tonight... so it's going to be a long night. These beds suck, the place is filthy, I cannot wait to lie on my own bed and see my little boy... but I suppose at least after all this I will know what the problem has been and why I have been feeling so rotten lately.

Anyhooooo just killing one of the many boring hours lying here strapped to tubes...by sharing my definitely unforgettable valentines day with all of you! I sincerely hope that all of you have a better one than me lol.

Maybe there will be a miracle and I do get to go home tonight... fingers crossed xxx


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Holy hell! Hey well soon. That’s sounds super scary.

But most importantly...how was the food at Cafe Paradiso?!? Lol


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 2 years ago 

oh the food was AMAZING!!!!!! I am VERY grateful I at least got to enjoy that and one glass of wine before I decided to connect the restaurant floor hahaha!!!

I hope it's nothing serious

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Have some bear hugs from me! They are good for health.

 2 years ago 

Thank you honey xxx They must have worked because I am feeling a lot better :)

 2 years ago 

Get well soon. Your neighbor seems like an interesting person. Never miss an opportunity to onboard someone to STEEM ;)

 2 years ago 

WAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ai no man! Can you imagine! LOL!!!!! I have NO doubts that @theycallmedan would have given her a good intro grilling though LOL :D :D Sharing my fries with her was as far as I was going to take it hehehe!!!

Well, real handcuffs are more fun than those prop ones ;)

Get well soon.

 2 years ago 

yeah, those damn things never work properly HAHAHA!!!!
And thank you ;) xxx

I hope you get better soon 😟

 2 years ago 

Thank you @bluemist. Am feeling a little better but am on meds until I can see the specialist this week. Am a little on my nerves for the results... but hey, whichever way the ship sails I will have to ride it.

Hope they get to the bottom of what ails you... Glad we don't has gov't health care here in the States... Get better ...

 2 years ago 

me too! and thank you xxx
Yeah... our government hospitals are NO joy ride lol.

Oh goodness. That is a turn of events. I hope you feel better soon and find yourself in more pleasant company.

 2 years ago 

yes indeed it was haha! Thank you honey and yes, am at home now and a lot more comfy! Appreciate the well wishes xxx

What an extreme way to dodge paying at the restaurant ;).

I do hope that they find the root cause and can prevent future unplanned visits to Cape Towns less desirable social establishments...

 2 years ago 

Anything for a free meal hey hahaha!!!

Get better soon!

Even in the hospital @jaynie can't escape the riff-raff of the world! ha-ha

 2 years ago 

Clearly I attract that nonsense hey hahaha!!!

A Very happy and colorful Valentine's Day from Bangladesh.

A Very happy
And colorful Valentine's
Day from Bangladesh.

                 - hafizullah

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

 2 years ago 

Thank you @hafizullah

Yikes. Is it vampires? You might have to get the garlic out when you get home?

Seriously though, hope you do get out tonight!

 2 years ago 

Vampires are definitely cooler than inmates haha! No, sadly I did not get out that night... only yesterday afternoon but better late than never... and now the looming biopsy results. blegh!

Ugh indeed. I have my hopes that everything will be smashing for ya, lass!

 2 years ago 

Dankie skat!

 2 years ago 

Is this why Steem rates are increasing? :P

Jokes aside, I hope you get well soon and get a pink of health report card. Sending prayers and much love to you.

 2 years ago 

hahaha yip... the second I left it dropped hey :P

Oh no!

First you look great. If you are going to collapse and end up in a ward next to a French fry swiping criminal you might as well look good.

Second I am with @blewitt and hope your meal was tasty.

Third, your poor mom must have been beside herself when you collapsed.

Fourth, hospital ward! I knew these still existed but always picture them out at like a field hospital in some remote location.

Most importantly I hope whatever has brought you here isn’t too serious and that the medical staff is able to quickly determine and resolve your ailment.

 2 years ago 

haha thanks... although I felt anything but great LOL! Yes, YES the meal was bloody FANTASTIC! So glad I at least got to enjoy that before letting everything go for a ball of shit. My mom was actually amazing... she always is! She used to be a nurse back in her day, so I suppose that plays a part in her calm and swift manner in which she handles things like that.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Jaynie! A nice food ended in near tragedy. At least you're being cared for and with God's favor, you'll get better soon. Get well and go home today!

 2 years ago 

Thank you honey. Didn't get home that day but am home now, thank goodness xxx

 2 years ago 

Thank you xxx

Oh dear.. what a way to start Valentine's Day..
Thankfully, you're with family and you got to the hospital fast.
Lots of love and prayers to you @jaynie

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much lovely xxx and yes, very grateful I was not alone when it happened.

Feel better!!! 🌿

 2 years ago 

Thank you xxx

In bed next to a prisoner! She may have a great story to tell Jaynie.
I hope you get your test results soon and back in your own bed.
Stay positive my dear. 💕 😊

 2 years ago 

lol she had MANY great stories to tell actually.... she never kept quiet haha!

And thank you sweetie xxx Staying as positive as I can!

Oh man! And here I was hoping the community post was cancelled because you had great plans this weekend!

I really hope you get to go home tonight. Are you feeling any better?

Also, you took some really cool pictures haha

 2 years ago 

Oh man! And here I was hoping the community post was cancelled because you had great plans this weekend!

HAHAHA!!! I wish that was the case too lol!

And thank you sweetie! Much appreciated. Am home and feeling better (on drugs) but am a little anxious about the outcome which will be this week some time.

Omg that is really scary. To go from paradise to hell in no time. Healing thoughts and well wishes to you.

 2 years ago 

Thank you lovely man! MWAH!

Get well soon Grandma xx

 2 years ago 

hehe dankie skat! Still in the dark but hopefully the light brings some good news this week when I get the biopsy.

What beautiful eyes you have, that means that in your previous life you saw beautiful things.

I hope that better sincerely, there are many people who love you in steemit I could feel it and that makes you generate in my feelings of tenderness.

So get up from that bed and feel better than steemit and PHC are waiting for you. @jaynie

 2 years ago 

What beautiful eyes you have, that means that in your previous life you saw beautiful things.

What a lovely compliment and learnt something new too! That is really fascinating... I wonder what such things....

I hope that better sincerely, there are many people who love you in steemit I could feel it and that makes you generate in my feelings of tenderness. So get up from that bed and feel better than steemit and PHC are waiting for you.

WOW, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you xxxxxxxxxx

I am feeling a lot better already, thank you so very much!

 2 years ago 

Not a Valentines Day you will forget in a hurry, fortunate to be admitted and attended to some state hospitals definitely not something to be desired (or desirable).

Get well soon, it has been way to quiet with you laid up. Hugs and take care hopefully home tomorrow.

@tipu curate

 2 years ago 

No definitely not hahaha!!!

And thank you love, really appreciate that!

Yeah, the place isn't great, but the nurses and doctors were really fantastic!

Thank you for the curation xxx

Poor you...I really hope you will be fine soon!!! Take care and finger crossed!!🤞🤗

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 2 years ago 

Thank you @dexpartacus - really appreciate the kind wishes. Thankfully home now and that in itself helps a lot!

I'm really happy for you, really good news! Take care and relax!😀🤗

 2 years ago 

Thank you @dexpartacus! xxx and yes, doing my best to chillax (I hate that word haha)

Prayers always! Get well soon.

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much @rodrook x

Oh My! :-O
I am sending you some love, prayers and my thoughts will be with you today. I HOPE you get out of there soon. Maybe the girl next to you went crazy and they had to cuff her.. lol. At least it made for an awesome post!

Really do hope you get back to your bed and family ASAP.. Thinking of you :-)

Happy (crappy) Valentines Day!

 2 years ago 

Thank you @bdmillergallery, much appreciated! Am home and taking it easy now :)

Glad to hear it! My thoughts and prayers are with you. I would offer assistance to you and your family, but being half way around the world makes it a bit difficult. Lol.

 2 years ago 

You know... all your positive messages have made a huge difference, irrespective of where you are all located, so thank you!

Happy V-day :(. How in the world was your blood count so low? And lmao, right next to a criminal 🤣. Thats the same ish that happens to me lol.

Healing vibes your way 🙌

 2 years ago 

hahah yeah... I really was like "WTF!" haha! Well, I will have more detail on it all soon... hopefully sooner rather than later.

What? This is crazy. WHat are the odds one may land next to an inmate .
Hope you get better and go home soon.
To be honest, there might be worse valentines that yours. You got medical attention and I'm sure you'll be fine. Often times we are away from those high risk situations, we may call them, and yet we ruin any special day or celebration either by action or by omission

 2 years ago 

lol... I know, right! haha!
Thank you @hlezama :) Am home now, so a lot more relaxed!

And yes, what you have said is VERY true! I am very grateful to have been able to receive the care and attention I did and so quickly too :)

So it is Valentines?, not Vampires, making off with 3 pints of your Blood!
Get better soon, what a Bummer.

 2 years ago 

hahahaha!!! Well, you know... A vampire situation would have been equally as exciting as shacking up with an inmate LOL!

Thank you! Feeling a lot better and now its a waiting game for the results.

Oh no! And with no medical aid! Even us can sacrifice to have a medical aid my friend. Have they checked your iron levels?
Blood loss is not an instant thing and let's hope and pray that they can arrive at a diagnosis.
Stay strong my friend!

 2 years ago 

yeah well... you live and learn hey hahaha!!! Definitely getting medical aid now, especially if this proves to be a long term problem. Yes they checked it all. My iron levels were very low. Waiting for the biopsy now...

Thank you for the kind thoughts xxx

Reason why I asked was that I was also diagnosed with internal bleeding and my iron count was 6. It is supposed to be somewhere in the 40s.
So the quack put me on 4 iron tablets per day for 3 months. Nearing the end of the 3rd month now. No internal bleeding could be found!
Hope that your results will be good and as in my case that it will only be a warning.
Good that you are getting a medical aid, but be aware that they are fussy when it comes to pre-existing conditions.

 2 years ago 

Oh yes they are all full of crap! lol

And thank you for the positive vibes!!!!! Keeping my mind focused only on the good for now :)


Way to go my friend. No place for negativity at this stage of the fight.

 2 years ago 

Precisely :)

👌 ❤️ 👌

 2 years ago 

Wow, so sorry this happened to you, what a horrendous ending to a nice dinner out with family. At least, like you said, you know why you were feeling bad now and can get better soon!

 2 years ago 

Yes indeed hon! and no it wasn't great, but I am actually grateful that it happened because I was being stubborn about an issue that was trying very hard to get my attention for some time already...

Thank you for the well wishes xxx

My goodness @jaynie. What a terrible way to end what sounds like started out as a nice outing with your family.

From your description of the place, don't know how likely ...

"... but I suppose at least after all this I will know what the problem has been and why I have been feeling so rotten lately."

... this is, but I hope it turns out well for you! Sounds like ...

"... and that is excluding all the other tests, scans and the hospital stay itself. So yeah... free comes at a price of enormous patience."

... you have "free" health care there in SA?

We'll be standing by for an update, when you feel up to it. Take care!

 2 years ago 

We do indeed have free healthcare but it aint pretty LOL! The doctors are some of the best in the world, BUT the establishments and the conditions are nothing short of horrendous!

Yes, @jaynie. Back "in here" a bit this morning, sad, to this "old warhorse," how seldom this ...

"We do indeed have free healthcare ..."

... and this ...

"... the establishments and the conditions are nothing short of horrendous!"

... are put together.

While I do believe there are aspects of our lives which we might rightly refer to as "free," healthcare is not one of them. Independent of anyone's political views, there is the universal truth of how this inevitably "plays out" which cannot (or at least never has been ...) be avoided.

And what is that?

The rise of the bloated bureaucracy tasked with the details of carrying out the transfer of wealth from one segment of a society to deliver on the "promise" of "free" to the other. Inefficient (best case ...), inept (common case ...) and / or corrupt (worst case ...) with insufficient mechanisms to ever satisfactorily address these issues. Resulting in diminished wills to even attempt it ...

Written as America is in the final stages of selecting one of its finalists for consideration by "we the people" on our vote for who will become our next President. With the "siren song" of free this and free that blaring in the background. All while our national debt grows and "promises" to address even our annual deficits get fewer and farther between ...

Let's hope they take the right person back to Polsmoor!

Get better soon huh?

 2 years ago 

lol!!! Well, if they mixed the two of us up I would have some seriously problematic characteristic displays to consider and rectify haha!!!

I hope all go ok there in Hospital .
And I hope weekend come good there :) we are now in TRON :))

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much @foxkoit I appreciate it!

Well that's no way to spend valentines day!! That sounds like quite a series of event you went thru. Hopefully you will recover quickly and get back to your normal routine. In the meantime, get some rest and happy valentines day. xox

 2 years ago 

Yeah, no intentions of repeating that next year LOL! And thank you very much for the kind wishes xxx

I'm so sorry, @jaynie. Man, that sucks. I hope you are home now. And I hope you get news very soon and it's something totally fixable. Maybe just anemia. Praying!

Sometimes, you plan out your day and everything goes a completely different way. As we like to say in our family, "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

 2 years ago 

Thank you love. Yeah definitely not my finest day haha! I should hopefully have some clarity early this week.

Sometimes, you plan out your day and everything goes a completely different way.

So true... just glad I got to at least eat the amazing meal haha!

I can so sympathize with you - my husband now back the second time this month and also in a provincial hospital since we cannot afford a medical aid. I do not even want to count the hours we had to sit and wait, and then they let him go home because they need the bed - it is a disgrace what is going on in our hospitals and people are overworked and underpaid but at least our government are driving some grand cars and have a lot of parties. Don't let me get started. Hope you are better soon.

 2 years ago 

Yes the waiting is HORRIFIC! You feel like an inmate after sitting in those places for a few hours. Thankfully we actually went to a private hospital first - just to see a doctor (still cost R1000 though) but she gave me a referral letter which I then handed in on arrival at Victoria, so it helped to fast track my place in the queue a LOT!

Yes, they are DISGUSTING! I admire the nurses that work in those conditions and still manage to put a smile on their faces.

Thank you for the well wishes xxx

I had know idea @jaynie, I hope you're feeling better soon.


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 2 years ago 

Thank you hon. I am feeling a lot better than I was, but am still waiting for "answers" - but better doing that at home haha :) xxx

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 2 years ago 

Thank you :)

@jaynie, sweetie, honey... WTF? What an absolutely horrible way to spend Valentine's Day... I'm so sorry! Sending love, prayers and healing energy... and hopes that you can go home as soon as possible!

That's really scary... I can't even imagine! I hope they get to the bottom of this quickly, and that it's nothing serious.


 2 years ago 

yeah it wasn't great but in all honesty, collapsing in the middle of the restaurant was probably worse lol. I have never felt so many drilling eyes on me before, all questioning the "why" - I am certain they all thought I was some kind of junkie lol.

Thank you for all the love. I am home now and just taking it very easy until I can get to see the specialist this week sometime and hopefully get some concrete answers.


Oh my goodness @jaynie! Have you had problems like this before - must have been quite a shock to know you blood count is only half what it should be!
I do hope you recover quickly and get some resolution to why this is happening!
Take care, rest and be well! Sending Prayers and love for quick healing!

 2 years ago 

Thank you lovely lady! I appreciate your kind wishes. I have not had a problem like this before, no... but - this has been coming on for quite some time... and as us stubborn humans do... I ignored it - writing it off to "whatever", so ya... I was my own worst enemy in this case.

Howdy Jaynie, I hope you are home by now in a much more pleasant environment, that truly sucks, I hate hospitals. I'm praying that you recover quickly!

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much @janton :) Yes I am home now, just taking it easy though. Will hopefully have a little more clarity further in the week.

Very good. Well, the world needs you to be completely restored so you can continue subduing it!

 2 years ago 

hahahaha!!! :P

You're a goddess, you'll pull through just fine :) sorry about the company you had tho :/

 2 years ago 

Well, I did not feel anything like a goddess in that place let me tell you haha - in fact I was definitely closer to the likes of a vagrant haha but I shall take the compliment nonetheless :D thank you :)

La vida nos da sorpresas, jajaja.
Pero me alegra que estés mejor

 2 years ago 

Me alegro de estar en casa! Muchas gracias por los buenos deseos.

Oh my word @jaynie, that was quite a scare! At least the public hospitals are still ok in the Western Cape, unlike the rest of the country except for the handcuffed criminal! Have you ever had this happen before? You sure no vampire got hold of you at midnight pre Valentine's Day;)

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 2 years ago 

Thank you :)

 2 years ago 

Oh dear lord and then you have to give away your fries!!! And I think it’s so busy in the ward, well thank god you are home, let’s pray for good news

 2 years ago 

hahaha... the fries I was ok with - I would have fought her for my mini burgers though :D

Oh my goodness! How are you feeling? I wish I could bring you a meal and babysit your little guy. 🌱

 2 years ago 

That would have been fabulous! haha!!!! Am off to hospital again in the morning... for surgery which will hopefully bring an end to all this! Thank you for your kind gestures and concern! They do not go unnoticed or unappreciated xxx

Sending healing vibes your way 🌱

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much love xxx

Get well soon @jaynie. Any hospital is no fun, free or otherwise. The only safe and comfortable place to be is your own bed after you find out what's ailing you. Good luck, and take care.

 2 years ago 

Thanks sweetie! Am back at hospital in the morning for surgery... fingers crossed it all goes well!

That was a Valentine's Day to remember! I hope you are feeling better by now!

 2 years ago 

It sure was lol! And thank you hon xxx

 2 years ago 

Wow! I am reading this - nine days later! I wondered what happened to you! How terrible and I am sorry you had to go through public care.

And yikes with your roommate. And here I thought you were the friendly type. :)

Throws holy water at you. You just never know. And how in the hell can you be so low and not have passed out earlier than this?

 2 years ago 

I am sorry I had to go through public care too hahaha!!! nah... I actually must admit, the doctors, surgeons, nurses and everyone were actually fantastic! It is just the place itself that is so run down and sad!

HAHAHA!!! I actually went to go see if my roommate was there when I popped in for my checkup the other day, but alas it appeared that she had already gone back to her jail cell haha!

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