"My friend was an Asian Hitman": Season Pilot - "Not the Package Delivery Man!"

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"Just when I thought I had the required time in country and streets-smart instincts to anticipate almost every weird thing that could possibly happen to me in Asia, something like this happens."

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One morning, instead of the Package Delivery Man, a local, top-rung Hit Man came knocking on my door - lucky for me, he was a friend?



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We became friends about seven years ago when I "accidentally" beat up a guy in a bar that he had a contract to politely persuade or "remove".

Two years later, he disappeared without a trace. I figured that he probably succumbed to the endgame of most Hit Men - someone else probably offed him while he was being cocky or careless.

But there he stood this morning, smiling at me on my front porch.

He looked more like a Tricycle driver than a Hollywood version of a successful, high-paid assassin.


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And that's why I was instantly suspicious.

Contrary to popular belief, the most successful assassins were gifted chameleons and made it a point to disguise themselves as non-threatening, ordinary people; just another working Joe lost in the crowd.

It's akin to the contrast between the Rambo types portrayed in the movies and actual Special Ops Personnel.

Real life Special Warfare operators, when seen in public civilian settings, are usually reserved, almost painfully quiet, slimmer, and shorter - rather diminutive- compared to the loud-mouthed, aggressive, and muscle bound characters depicted in the movies.

In fact, the most lethal person I have ever known was a guy named "Saul" - a tailor by trade, he was a frail looking, tiny, ancient man who ran the Mossad's Krav Maga Instructor-Trainer program I attended many years ago when I was still a Bad Ass Punk; truly believing that I was "an indestructible, young Superman."


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That little old man instinctively knew that I was my team's Ring Leader.

So, on the first day of training, he called me out and simply said, "Son, kindly attack me."

I hesitated for a second, then attempted to "close the gap" and subdue this elder as quickly as possible without embarrassing him too much.

What happened next made me look like a total idiot...

By JaiChai


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Excerpted from: The Hitman That Found God - JaiChai 2017. Revised 12-24-2020. All rights reserved.