Dear Justin Sun - (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@free-reign) open letter to you!

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Dear Justin Sun - (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@free-reign) open letter to you!


Dear Justin Sun, being where you’re from, which happens to be China, I would not call you a businessman. I would call you a member of the ruling class in your Communist country. I would guess that you are a true blue Communist, since you were born in a Communist country and have reportedly been “successful there.”

It’s impossible in China to be “successful” if one isn’t a ruling class member of the Communist party.

Now that we have that truth out of the way, (I just wanted to bring it up, since it is a fact that everyone should, at the least, recognize), I would just further point out to any that may not know, that being a member of the ruling class in a Communist country, means that you live a much better life than the overwhelming majority of Chinese people, who are basically slaves who struggle just to survive.

So Justin Sun as a businessman, is a businessman for the Communist State of China, and not for himself. The Chinese government controls EVERYTHING in China, and they want to control everything worldwide.

The Chinese ”exchanges” play by the same rules. We shouldn’t be surprised by the collusion we see between them and you, Mr. Sun.

I just want you to know that I know.

For you to try to take our steem blockchain away from us, and to be trying so hard, indicates to me there’s action going on behind the scenes with you and your dealings (what a joke) with the steem community.

You have proven beyond a doubt that you cannot be trusted , and we cannot take you at your word. In other words, you are now damaged goods. It is pointless to “discuss” anything with you, because you will sit there and lie your ass off, and resume attacking us.

I can verify for you right now Mr. Sun, that if you manage somehow to take our steem blockchain away, I will never, ever have any dealings with you whatsoever. I don’t like you, I think you are despicable as a person, and I think you won’t be a ruling class member after WE win this war!

My advice to you is to take what you have and be glad you have that. Then leave us alone. You will never have our steem community. NEVER!


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I was writing my own post to follow the @jaynie idea when saw that from yours... it's almost what I intended to state so I have to change my words and make it different but so clear that he knows we don't want him here trying to rule our blockchain!

Right on! I'm looking forward to seeing yours do a number on him too!

 2 years ago 

Wow, you're not holding anything back in this one. I like the direct approach. No sense in pulling any punches anymore.

Exactly! I'm so tired of this guy and his antics!

Well he's...

Lost at least half the community
The users are disappearing
The Steem price has halved
He's destroyed the reputation of Binance Huobi and re-enforced just watch a garbage exchange Poloniex is
Not to mention what a slime ball creep he is

Personally i'd ask what the rest of the Dapps are planning and if they are staying with us....then Fork and move on
We go our way and the Sun goes down.

I was a steemit user, didn't want to use the others since I started with steemit and was comfortable with it. Now,I'm liking steempeak and I'm actually glad I was forced into using it!

I've been wondering about all the Dapps and what they're planning too.