Today's Ships of State need Lifeboats!

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A Matrix-8 article by John Huckel

There is a very real threat that the world's Democratic Republics will be shut down!

Democratic Republics Shut Down image source

All the Legislative Bodies in the free world are at risk, because they require Quorums of Members to operate legally.

Logistically, what that means is there must be a minimum number of old men and old women packed into the same room arguing with each other. That may become completely unfeasible during the current Coronavirus Pandemic!

If Legislatures can't operate because of a lack of Quorums, that means that to avoid societal chaos, the Executive Branches would have to step in and seize control to maintain order; some sort of Martial Law would have to be instituted.

What that means is that those Democratic governments are at risk of devolving into Autocracies. And at that point there will be very little difference between the style of governance in what we call the Free World, and the governance under the Dictators in today's totalitarian regimes.

This is a very real threat!

Before things get to that point, Legislatures worldwide must pass laws to allow their democratically elected Representatives to continue to operate as body from remote locations. But up until now, there have been no technologically secure methods to allow that to happen.

The only well-thought-out methodology that is ready to go right now is the MultiLevel Governance model provided by the Matrix-8 Platform. The Free World must know about this option before it is too late, and Mankind's societies lose the protections of Liberty for their people.

Take responsibility for your Governments!

Study the Matrix-8 Platform as a contingency plan, and then insist that your Governments put some form of this platform in place before it is too late!

There is currently no other methodology which will allow for secure Internet-based Governance using the Democratic Processes. The Matrix-8 Platform is truly the only lifeboat available for the world's Ships of State in the stormy seas currently being caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic!

This article is a first time post of original content
by John Huckel @matrix-8, posted by me at his request.

See – for the basic philosophy behind it all, and a description of how the Matrix-8 Platform would keep all discussions secure and open, and all Legislators fully informed, leading to secure and universally agreed upon proposed Legislation to be sent to the Executive Branch.

See the this video (directed to Simon Black, editor of the Sovereign Man newsletter) at It is a 50-minute lecture on the basics.

There is a transcript for the video at

Please share this Page to help bring equitable governance to the world, and help bring about world peace and abundance.

Further Reading: A Solution to What Ails Us, an article by John Huckel

Join the Matrix-8 Discussion Group on Telegram to help move this forward.


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