How to Recover a Stolen or Hacked Steem Account - Password Recovery

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Great stuff mate, I was going to write about the different keys in my next Bluffer's Guide so would go well with what you have written here. We should have a pretty comprehensive guide to steem soon 😉

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There is a great diagram of the different keys on steemit wallet. The difference between master and owner took me awhile to fully get.

Please be so kind to allow me the pleasure of cross-posting to the FAQ community. I was actually planning on looking for stuff to crosspost there (I will limit 1 of mine a week [no covert-self upvote] and 1 a day of others'). I just want to wait till the community grows a little so more people are around to see.

Yes I remember seeing that in steemitwallet. It was like a pyramid diagram right? Haven't used steemit for a long time!

Are you asking me to cross post this to your FAQ community? Still getting my head around all that. Didn't know it actually copied the whole blog post and made a new one! Just thought it was like a resteem and shared it in like with FB groups.

Won't be making that mistake again lol.

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Yup. That's it. I checked out steem wallet to get my quoted text on keys!

Im asking if I can use the @steem.faq account I made to cross-post. I don't expect you to fill up your blog with self-cross-posts. It's a weird feature and an annoying way to get a post on a niche community. Not sure why we can't just revamp the resteem to allow this...

Yea resteeming would make more sense for sure rather than this!

I'd say so but probably not for a month or so. Reckon there shouldn't be cross-posting on a live post which is something I discovered when doing my travel post a couple of days ago.


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Thank you ~♡~

This is definitely a post everyone should bookmark; just in case.
I've read the horror stories of this happening; and if you're like me, you are on steemit every day and this would absolutely throw a curve ball into life.

 4 years ago 

Absolutely. My intention is to help people understand the process so they are familiar in case the worst does happen or to help avoid messing up.
I would hate to have to figure everything out while watching some hacker power-down my account and wreck everything. The faster this process is done the better.

Bookmarked my friend and thank you for your time to create this great post!

 4 years ago 

It could as a matter of musfortunate become an important topic. I hope you or anyone never needs it.

I'll admit it isn't a ahiny or warm topic. However, I noticed a lack of info on this topic when posting the last one. A lot of it looked complicated and technical. But the procedure is simple and safe if one has access to their recent keys.

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Well, you are doing great things for the members with these kind of posts my friend. You should definitely continue with them as they are of much value and they should all be at the top in trending because of their importance.
Don't forget, I would still like to know why my posts lose value every day and then at 7 days lose another big cut.
Does it depend on the front end that one uses and how much does each front end charge?

 4 years ago 

Thanks. I find them helpful, too. Eventually I will make a directory of mine and others I find. But I want to wait a little while longer as there are so many changees happening now.

I'm planning to do it for next week. I have founded the difference between the front ends I use are similar (as I remember it used to be different maybe things were consolidated), the key is understanding how STU is calculated and the relation between that and Steem and SBD. Maybe I'll make a diagram to explain.

 4 years ago (edited)

Ah yes! A directory will be good methinks!

Another difficulty is for example to get 100 upvotes and only 5% are 10 cents and more.
The majority of the votes are $00.00, or .01 or .02
Can't they stop to show the low value votes, so that a person can better judge their progress?
Or does an empty vote have any value?

 4 years ago 

I think a filter could work to remove irrelevantvotes (<0.001 or even less than 0.01), especially if one wants to analyze the value of their post. But they are worth something as people seem to complain about tue equally valueless downvotes.

I think some people just like to see lots, but between me and you I'd rather have a comment than a low downvote.

SBD payments have stopped again so we won't see as much price change between Steem and SBD. Also it seems the excitement from Tron is now dying off a little. Maybe the price of Steem will slow its movements.

Well I have a list currently of 47 downvotes thus far and there might be some that I have missed. I just don't see any sense in it.
You are right as things seem to be calming down.

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Great =)

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