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Hello friends, I hope you are well. Today I will tell you about my diary game in this post. I woke up this morning and was getting up and preparing my work. I made a picture that you can see in the post and after that I was going to work, so I saw a plant on the way. The name of this plant is fig. There are many benefits, so I thought that you should also use this plant. Let me tell you about the fig plant has A and B vitamins and it contains calcium and magnesium and potassium. It has many benefits.

I am going to tell you another one of them that the blood of a person who is very thick thins the blood and the waste material in the blood comes out of the blood and also gives energy to the person. If I am feeling tired, then eating it relieves fatigue. If we talk about weight loss, then it is the only fruit that loses weight and this fruit is also used for weight gain. If you want to lose weight, I will tell you the procedure

Soak four figs at night and keep them soaked in lukewarm water. Get up in the morning and eat them. Stomach. You have to eat this gospel. You also have to drink water. If there are varieties, then there is a wild fig and then it is used in other rebellions, etc. So what I am showing you in this post today is the wild fig. It is used as one of the fruits of heaven. It has been mentioned somewhere

After that I went to my work. When I reached there, I was full and there were seamstresses. And when I arrived at work, the first thing I did was to start sewing. On one side, I felt that there were about three or four hundred broken ones, so I sewed them and the rice was very big. There were 50 kg of rice in breaking the necklace. I sewed each broken one with a machine in your post. You can see how many broken seamstresses there are
I have sewn all of them starting from one side and these bangles are first filled with rice and then they are weighed and then they are sewn and when I get to work, my The job was to sew, so I started sewing, so I thought I'd make some pictures in the post, that's why I made this picture and then I went to the hospital after breaking the sewing.

And it was a huge impact and there was all kinds of state-of-the-art machinery here. They check the condition of human beings etc. There is a very good system and when I reached the hospital I saw that the cleanliness there is very beautiful. Had a lot and had a very calm atmosphere from there

I got a call from home that my baby is not well today so I rushed home and I changed my clothes and after I changed my clothes I went to the hospital with my wife and children. He waited because there was no doctor. If the doctor came, then we would check his condition. After checking his condition, I would prescribe some medicine for him. We took him from the medical store in Peshawar. I have to take my time and I thought I'd take a picture and post it. That's why I'm showing you this post today.


mijaz56 (42)

It's wrong post

  • first of all you put wrong community tag
  • Second poor diary game it is not a perfect Post with diary game you capture all day activity photography and put it more details it's called diary game
    Thanks for your post struggle and your experience with this community passion

What you have written about the fig tree is absolutely correct, it also contains the cure for many diseases and it is mentioned in the Quran.

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