The Diary game 30-05-2021 Food should not be wasted on the occasion of marriage. A lot of food was wasted on today's wedding (contest Season ,week 4 held by steem passion(my entry)

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Hello friends, I hope all the friends will be well. Today I started the morning with Fajr prayers. My father woke me up that it is time for Fajr prayers and as soon as I went to pray in the mosque, I got up and went to the washroom. Did he prepare for ablution prayers and went to the mosque to perform Fajr prayers? After performing Fajr prayers, I came home because the night is very short and I can't sleep. Then a friend of mine woke me up and where is our today? William, let's get things done and start preparing for William. I arrived at the wedding hall and I will tell you in full details what happened at the wedding and what was cooked. A friend of mine had a wedding. I was already invited. We had to arrange the wedding. Today was Williama. When I got inside the wedding hall, the wedding hall was very beautiful.
Due to overcrowding, tents were set up in the lawn outside the wedding hall and some people had to be accommodated inside the wedding hall. First the cook called us and told us to bring the goods. I have to start the work. The meat was being made. We had to take the cut meat. My friend was on duty for the boys. They were making meat from the butcher. The cut meat becomes more. When the meat went where, the cook started his work first. He started chopping onions and kept the spices he had. In the examples there was a world of money and pepper powder and red pepper, dried coriander powder and salt and ground hot spices.
We forgot the tomatoes. After a while, the boy came with the tomatoes and put all the stuff on a bed. The most difficult task is to remove the garlic peels. You have to work with your fingernails and for two days your hands smell of garlic no matter how much soap you wash your hands with. I also stood and watched and did some work. I kept helping. I checked the ghee first. I checked which company the ghee belongs to. We have the most honest banaspati and the factory of Sadiq banaspati is Raiwind and they make Allah the ultimate ghee. Can see the picture
I kept looking at the dishes and the dishes kept doing their work and also sharing his hand in some chores then he lit the fire and put the pots on top of it and first he started preparing the sweet rice. The hardest thing to do is to cook sweet rice. If the sweet rice is cooked, the rest of the work is not done. The rest of the work is done quickly. The hardest thing is to make sweet rice. First put water in a pot and put it on the fire. When the water boiled, he put the rice in the water and left it on the fire for a few minutes. When the rice boiled well, he put the rice on the cloth and the water came out. And then put ghee in a pot with it and add sugar and water. When it was cooked well, he put it on top of the rice and put the rice on the tail. Sweet rice is cooked and ready. Had done
Now he started making palao. First he chopped the onion and put it in a pot and put ghee in it. He also added ginger, garlic, green chillies, soaked the rice and fried the onion well. When the onion turned brown, Add red chillies and fry well. Remember that rice should be measured while cooking rice and the pot from which the rice is measured is in the pot. Water should be put in the rice. For example, in one pot you make two rice. And you have to pour the same pot of water into the rice four times. For example, you have to add double water according to the amount of rice. After adding it, he added a little water and then he started frying it well Fry the spices well. Then he poured water from the same pot from which the rice was washed. He poured double water of rice and waited for the water to boil. You were walking downstairs.
When the water started to boil well, he washed the rice and put it in it. In a few minutes, the water started drying and the rice started drinking the water. When the water dried well, he put the rice on his tail.
And now the next thing was left. The chopped meat takes a long time to cook, so first the meat is washed and then it is put in pots and put on fire. Water is also added as required. In which the meat is well cooked, after this work, onion, tomato, green chilli are chopped and put in a pot.
Onion Tomato Green Chili Ginger All is put in the meat and the fire is heated down and the dish keeps checking the meat again and again. When the meat herb starts to break by hand, then it knows that The meat is cooked. In the same way, after checking the dish, when the meat came close to being cooked, spices were prepared and kept in one place. The rice was ready
There were two types of rice. There were embers under both of them so that the rice would stay hot. There is another taste of cooking on fire and there is another taste of cooking on gas. Waiting for some guests had come to the hall and some guests were coming. Gradually the hall began to be afraid of the guests. When all the chairs were full, they started preparing food. I will tell you about it. I started putting rice first. How many tables were there? So I put a kind of rice.
You saw in the picture that the rice was put in the prato, the sweet rice was also put in the prato and the salted rice was also put in the prato and it was the duty of a servant. He was staying in the prato. Fifteen boys were taking part in this work. Who were working very fast because when the song starts playing, the boy has to speed up and the waiter also has to work very fast. All the waiters started putting food on the table and work with great speed. First the rice was placed on the table and then a man started putting meat. There were so many tables.

The meat has been put in all the nights and will be kept in one place. Now the rice has reached the table. People are busy eating rice. If people eat rice first, then the meat will be eaten less. Started eating and voters started putting bread on the table. Now people were waiting for the meat to come to the table. As soon as the father of the throat indicated that if I put the meat, the voters immediately rushed to deliver the meat to the table. Seeing the given meat, the guests broke the meat and cleaned the meat in minutes. Someone was calling the waiter to bring it back and someone had a scene like resurrection. The mother had forgotten her children and the father had forgotten his children. Everyone was eating. It was as if they hadn't eaten for days. In a few minutes, it was as if there was no food here. I'll show you some pictures. Here are some highlights of all these scenes. I present in these pictures




As you can see in the pictures, people ate food like animals eat. I turned on when I saw people eating as if they hadn't had food for days and some people's eyes were full. They filled the plate. Take it and don't eat food from them. Food should not be wasted. Food should not be wasted or other food should not be wasted because at present the price of meat in Pakistan is fixed at Rs. That's why people are using big meat, but people eat a lot of big meat, they just tear their stomachs, they eat so much, they get sick many times, people eat most at the time of marriage. People go there to eat. After eating, people come out of the wedding hall as if there was nothing. My friends and I delivered the leftover food to the house because there were some guests coming to the house with two. If you had to feed my dear friends, don't waste food wherever you eat


Hello salam alaikum your photo is very beautiful and your marriage hall is very nice

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