The Diary game 03-06-2021 Today I visited the oil agency

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Peace be unto you. You want to tell the brothers. I will tell you brothers what I saw today and what I did this morning. I woke up early in the morning and I performed ablution at home. After performing Wudhu, I went to the mosque and prayed there. When I prayed, then I took turns reciting the Qur'an. And I started reciting Surah Ar-Rahman. Because in the recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman, Allah Almighty has mentioned all His blessings. In this world, Allah Almighty has mentioned all the names He has given in Surah Ar-Rahman

When I finished reciting the Koran, I came back to my house and changed my shoes. Then I went for a morning walk. When I reached the fields, I began to see lush green fields. I looked at the lush fields and began to give thanks for the blessings of Allah Almighty. Has Allah Almighty blessed my country with lush fields?
Then I saw lush and lush trees. Which looked very beautiful. The birds were perched on the trees. Looked beautiful I was happy to see them. The birds were praising Allah Almighty in their own way. So it occurred to me that this little creature of Allah Almighty is praising Allah Almighty in a very high and glorious way. Man is unfortunate who does not praise Allah Almighty early in the morning.


Then I walked for a while. When Mayser finished, I returned to my home. So what I saw along the way. The sun is rising and its very sweet rays are coming towards the earth. Seeing this, I began to thank Allah Almighty for His great blessing. This Allah has enlightened the earth. If it weren't for the sun, there would be darkness everywhere. People know neither day nor night. Allah Almighty has great power. What a great bright star Allah has created without electricity.
When I got home, I had breakfast and after breakfast I went out to the mansion. From there I grabbed my elbow and brought it because I used to fetch oil. I had to run my tube well with oil. I had to run the tube well and water it. For this I grabbed the oil can. Went to the oil agency

When I arrived at the oil agency. So I greeted your sex. Then I sat next to him and sat there for a while. Then I started looking at all the oil pouring devices there. First I saw the dramas lying there. There was oil inside the play. At the top of the play was an oil extractor and a mayor's note. With which your sexual ones used to give oil. This is how people used to apply oil in ancient times
It was a hand-operated machine. If it brings oil to the bottom of the hard earned. Then I saw a huge tank lying ahead. There was also a lot of oil lying inside it. Oil is a great means of purification. It is powered by an electric pump. Just as there is a lot of motor, so there is a lot of time. When the oil is started to come out and the motor brings oil from the bottom, it is not only used for water in the elbows.


It is also used to fill the drama. If man runs the machine by hand the oil bad man will get tired. But according to modern times, they have made this noise. They have installed a water pump on top of the tank. So that the oil can come out easily. There are also mementos on top of it. So that if a man is in a hurry, he is quickly taken out of it

Next I looked at the top of the tank. He pretended to be a pop star and he had an iron pus underneath it. Then he installed the pump. After he installed the pump, he also installed the plastic appeal. Whenever the play has to be filled, use a pump to put it inside the play. So through it, dramas come out of the oil

Then I looked ahead and there they were. Mir was lying inside it. So I asked them what you do to them and they told me that it is put inside. So I said oil is then poured into cans. Who are you for? So the oil agency people started telling me when the trucks come to refuel. So it is easily filled with oil and poured into it
Then he using the machine. Put inside the mayor When the mayor filled with oil then they put the bad air inside Mayor Kenny. I said don't hold the dick over it. Then I took it back home


I see you are very busy today, it's nice to see a hard worker like you, have a good day, have a nice day

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