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I greet all the friends and brothers in this community with great respect and love. I would like to tell you today about the great blessings of Allah Almighty on my land and how Allah Almighty has made my land green. And I want to tell the brothers who want to plant but don't grow well at first. I will tell them how to protect and care for plants
What kind of land do these plants grow on? Let me now take you to the plants. I want to tell you that I have planted plants in my wedding hall which I have bought from various wake and nurseries. First I want to show you a plant that I brought from a friend. The first thing you see is that once we went to see our friend, he had planted this plant in his park. I liked it very much. I started asking him, "Brother John, where did you bring this plant?" It's great to plant
So he told me that once I went to Lahore and a friend of mine planted it there and I brought it. So I took this plant from them and then I packed it in a paper. Then after I brought you to the wedding hall I checked it on what land it would grow. Put it in a safe place where no one can touch it and it will not dry quickly. When I planted it it was a small plant I kept watering it on a daily care basis. Then slowly it got bigger

When it got a little bigger I started pruning it. You will see that it looks very beautiful. Next I will show you how to plant grass. First I said prepare the land for it when the land will be ready in full way then I went to the nursery farm. Going there I brought a very high and wonderful kind of grass. When I reached the wedding hall, I started planting small pits on the land I had prepared. I said to a man, "You put it cold or I'll put it standing. You put grass inside it."
So this man started to plow and I planted a little grass there. When I planted the grass completely then I watered. Then I come daily and water it on a daily basis. So it slowly began to turn green. When it will be big then I went to the market and from there I brought a mower. You may have seen this machine with most people. This is especially the case with government agencies, hospitals and the place where they have built a large park
Then I started mowing the lawn. If I cut the grass, then I would water the grass again. If it was cut grass, I would give it to a man so that you can put this grass for your animals. I want to tell you how to operate the machine. I run it that way. First I set the machine. Then I take it inside my grassy plot. Once there, I start running it. When I press it from above, the force goes up and it automatically moves forward. You will see when this box is full
So I put it in a certain place. If you keep it inside the plot, it will ruin your plot. And it won't look good even clean. That's why I planted this grass when there is a function at the wedding. Those who come first. They do not sit inside the wedding hall but sit on top of it and start making their own pictures etc. Some people sit on top of it and start talking. There is a beautiful park in front of my wedding hall
Next I will show you one of the plants I planted and there are also red flowers. This plant was brought from a Patoki nursery farm. I have nurtured this plant with great diligence and hard work. Now you will see that this plant has grown and with flowers on it, it looks very beautiful and good to the viewers. Anyone who comes into the wedding hall stands next to him and takes a picture of himself.
Next I have planted another plant which you will see it will look very beautiful but I don't know its name when I bought it and it used to come then now I have forgotten its name too. I want to tell you that you must have seen this plant in big buildings. It is planted in steel pots. Anyone who goes there is happy to see this plant. I bought this plant from a nursery farm with great enthusiasm. Then I told him and I put him in the park of the wedding hall
Let me tell you brothers, I take care of the plants that I have planted on a daily basis. I check them daily to see if any plants are infected. I also come daily and water my grass plot. If it is not watered, I tell the man to come and water it. I would ask you brothers to plant your own park. And beautify your space. When these plants grow big, they also pray to man. Then I grabbed my bike and drove home


Mashaallah your post is very beautiful, the way you have told how to grow plants in it is very good and your post is very good, you get a lot in it, we like your post

I like your post the flowers look very beautiful the trees are also very neat and this is amazing for me

A O A your photo is very good and your post is very beautiful grass plant photos is very good

Assalamu Alaikum your photo is very beautiful and your work is very good your post is very nice

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