Better Life The Diary Game -03-06-2021

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My dear friends .today i will tell you how was my whole day .And what did I do with you today? After waking up this morning, I went to the Masjid, where I prayed. After offering Namaz, I grew a Naat Sharif .
as you can see in the above picture i am reciting naat sharif after namaz .After that I taught Quran-e-Pak to the children and recited the Quran-e-Pak intellect.

As you can see in the above picture I am doing Tilawate Qurane Pak .I recited Surah Yaseen Sharif, Surah Fatah Sharif and surah waqeya And the rest of the Quran also recited the verse of Pak.


After that again I spread the word of Quran-e-Pak to all the children who came to the mosque .As you can see in the pictures above that I am teaching children Qurane Pak by reciting .After teaching Quran-e-Pak to all the children again we took leave and after that went home for breakfast. After reaching home, I changed my clothes and started exercising for some time.



As you can see in the pictures above, my son and I are exercising together. Similarly, my son and I exercise together every day. After exercising for some time then I took a bath after taking a bath, after having breakfast again I went to my shop.


As you can see in the above pictures that I went out of the house, made a picture of leaving the house and then reached the shop, made a picture of money, went out of the house to the shop and became famous inside the shop pe tere without work. Then it was time for the second Zohar prayer while working at the shop all day, then I definitely did the study of Namaz only or did the study of Asr, then the study of Maghrib and also the prayer of expectation, then I went to a Mehfile pak.

As you can see inside the pictures above I was on Mehfle pak at night .And I spoke on Sirte Mustafa.I had a wonderful day and night like this .I hope you enjoy spending my day and night .I hope you will definitely support me inshallah And I will pray from my heart for all of you, may Allah be you and your may allah protect you all .thank you very much .

Special Thanks



Mashallah today you told us about your diary game today of lemon and a very lovely post has been written for you and the one you have gone to the gathering at the end, it is very beautiful written recently.

very kind mubarak ali thank you very much for your love and love .I hope that you will come to love me in the same way .may Allah be helpful to you and your entire team .thank you very much .

thank you very much

Dear brother can you please guide me in this matter.our prayers are with you .

Assalamu Alaikum aap ka Sahab your photo is very beautiful and misjad photo is very beautiful

Greetings Bilal Bhai Thank you very much brother may Allah Pak bless you .
Hear more how are you doing well

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