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Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters

Hope you all are doing well and good and enjoying the best days of your life. This is me @shahid2030 from Pakistan and you are here reading my post. You all are welcome here from the core of my heart.

Introduction to the topic

This is my participation in a contest A Power Up with Original Style organized in Colombia-Original by @colombiaoriginal.

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Let's talk about the traditional way of powering up your account. It's the easiest way you can increase your account SP. I will show you some amazing pictures of thing, you might first time come up with. It's something I have seen first time in my life too.

Photographs of the purple Chillies


Clicked with Iphone 7


Clicked with Iphone 7

As you have seen in the heading here; the purple chilly plant. Believe me this is something, which I couldn't believe on. I went to one of my friends house in our village, it has been long time I visited him. There he took me to his garden. I saw these amazing purple chilly.


Clicked with Iphone 7


Clicked with Iphone 7

At first I thought it's an eggplant. I thought they maybe young yet that's why so small. Approaching near to increase my doubts. Their shape was the same of chillies, but their color didn't match. I am stairing it and my friend is noticing me, but don't telling me anything.


Clicked with Iphone 7

I think touch it and I get to the conclusion that these much be chillies. He friend came near me and he is laughing at me. He told me that this is chilly, I then break one and believe me it was a real chilly. He told me this is Chinese hybrid chilly. They were not that much sour in taste.

Power up of an account

I do power up my account time to time. when ever I accumulate more steem, I use them for power up. Today I just have 12 Steem and I used them all for my account power up. Let me show you a step wise process with the help of screenshots.

Step 1


Go to your wallet, click on Steem. There you can simply click on Power up option.

Step 2


Select the quantity of steems you want to power up your account with. I have select all the steem I have in my wallet. Click power up option and then they will ask you for your Private posting key, put it over there.


Here you can see now, my 12 steem are used in powering up my account.


This is all about my blog for today, hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. See you soon with a new amazing and interesting topic till take care.

I would like to invite: @artist1111 @miyexi @kouba01 @mile16 to participate in this beautiful contest.

Your presence here means alot
Thanks for being here

Regard shahid2030


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Hola @shahid2030.

Felicidades por seguir fortaleciendo tu cuenta, eso siempre beneficia de gran forma para tus ingresos y visibilidad en la plataforma, éxitos en tu participación.

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Y además te sugerimos votar por @cotina como Witness, sino sabes cómo hacerlo, podrías revisar esta publicación: https://steemit.com/hive-113376/@colombiaoriginal/colombia-original-apoyando-a-cotina-como-witness.

Huge love and respect my dear. I really want to increase my SP here.

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