Colombia The Land of Milk, Honey, and Food | A No Starvation Zone

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It's kinda weird to be writing this, but then again not so much considering recent events. Unless I am completely delusional, the news reports I am seeing about US commodities indicate that prices are LITERALLy soaring epically through the proverbial roof. And, my groups on Facebook - where I receive expats (foreign residents) are also growing fast.

With headlines like this:

And this:

Even worse:

This is nuts!

Things are looking pretty grim up north.

Is Colombia the Land of Milk and Honey For Americans and Canadians Fleeing High Prices?

I don't know, but we still have a LOT of food compared to what I have been following for the last two years about crop production and meatpacking plant shutdowns. In the cowboy groups, I see a lot of people filling deep freezers with steers they are buying directly from producers and sending to custom butchers.


Which makes me wonder what people are doing for food. I am not a skinny girl, but I am not obese either. Let's just say that I have a healthy appetite, and I like to cook/eat good food. Not sure what my countrymen up north are even doing for food these days because it was already expensive out on the west coast when I left, and that was almost 9 years ago.


And that brings me back to my original point: Colombia = The land of Milk and Honey

At the very least it is a No Starvation Zone. Let's take a look at current prices for basic commodities:

Note: These prices come from a small town in the Colombian Coffee Region, prices may be double or triple in a city.

Exchange rate via as of November 10th, 2021 $1.00 = 3,876

Commodity Prices.jpg

It isn't rocket science that Colombia is way more affordable. We have noticed in almost 9 years of living here that the food tastes better, is fresher, obviously they are not spraying it for international shipment to prevent ripening - so the taste is good too. Let's face it folks, the US is going down - and prices there are headed up up up, and away.

So, if you want to learn more about life in this incredibly beautiful and inexpensive country, then be sure to follow my website which was designed especially for foreign residents:

And, be sure to join my Facebook group for people interested in the Coffee Region of Colombia:

After 9 years with boots on the ground, I live a pretty nice lifestyle as an independent entrepreneur. This isn't really a place that is good for people who need a "job", but it is incredible for retirees, and digital nomads.

 10 months ago 

It is good that you still consider Colombia a good country to live in. Our products are very fresh, so they always taste good.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience of life in Colombia and I invite you to support @colombiaoriginal with 15% as a beneficiary, in this post more information:


Hey Marpa! Que rico escuchar de ti!! I love Colombia - it is like the garden of Eden. And you know, it has a lot of problems, but also a lot of solutions too. It's a question of each person simply finding their own path - I know I am still finding mine, but I feel like there is a future in this country.

I know I have at least 10% benefits set up, might be more. I will check and adjust accordingly.

Un abrazo!

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