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Hello Everyone! How are you? Hope all of my sweet friends will be fine and happy by the grace of Allah Almighty. Here i am also good and happy by the graphics of Allah Almighty. Now a very warm welcome to all my steem family on my post. Today i am here to be a part of colombia original community's contest. I hope you will enjoy my new blog.

My friends this is the week 2 of engagement challenge season 8 and here today i will be write my new post at this wonderful community. The theme of this wonderful community is very amazing and interesting. The topic is we should need to create a original banknote for steemit platform. I love yo this topic because it is related to creativity and graphics.

An Original Banknote

An Original Banknote for steemit is a very creative and good idea and we all know that steem is the basic currency of the steemit platform and it is also listed at different crypto exchanges such as binance. Now i have to design a very beautiful banknote for steemit platform, I have created a design for steemit currency and i design it digitally through my graphics gadget. I take help from my favorite graphic tool that is canva application.

My dear friends, I created a very simple and unique banknote for this platform. And my theme of currency is dollar because it is very famous currency on around the world. So, my banknote currency name is one steem dollar. So, now on that step i will share the steps of this design. So, have a look at the steps of that banknote.

Step 01

On my First Step, I has customized the size of the banknote that I am going to design for this platform. I choosen a general size that is suitable for a banknote. Here i select 800 px height 350 px width of the banknote.


Here you can see i select the customize size and now you can see it's look is suitable for my steem banknote.

Step 02

After the selection of size i started my designing on this bank and it is all the ideas of my to create this wonderful banknote for Steemit platform. Here you can see i select the colorful background for my note.


Now my background design is complete and now i will add aome further information about my banknote like the price value of my banknote and also add the official logo.

Step 03

Now on this final step i will add the information about my banknote like it's currency value and the official steem logo.


In the last step of the creation of note, I added the steem logo on the background of my banknote that's look really beautiful. I added this is the backward of my writing. Here now you see the final front side look of my banknote.

Final Look of Front Side

Now the front side our banknote is completed and now you can see it in the below it's look really beautiful.


Here this the front side of my banknote that is successfully completed now i will design the backside of my banknote.

Back Side of Banknote

After, completing the front side of the note, I started designing the backside of the banknote. For this i select the same size of the banknote and choose the same color of backside background.


Now the backside of the banknote is very simple but it is very beautiful to see. Here in the below i. will also share the backside of the banknote.

Final Look of Backside

Here the backside of the banknote is completed. You can see it in the below.


This is the backside of my banknote that i design for this wonderful platform. I hope you will also like this beautiful one.

Overview of The Banknote


Front side


Back Side

About of The Tool, Graphics and Elements

You have seen the final design of the banknote that I have created through Canva. On my design you can see i added the steem logo on the right side of my note that is the main part of my banknote that is representing that the banknote is related to steemit platform. For more the value of note is also very important so, i chosse the one steem dollar as the value this banknote. I write Crypto Bank US on my banknote that is representing that the note is related to crypto currency ans just available on crypto bank.

About the backside of this banknote so it is very simple and beautiful to seen. On the backside of my banknote the most important this is blockchain logo. That is representing that the note is related to digital and blockchain currency and now it is converting in to physical currency. I also add the steem logo on the backside of my banknote that is the main thing of my banknote. I totally designed this through canva application. And all ideas are my own.

Now this is the end of this post i hope all of really like my banknote that i created for this wonderful platform. I hope you can also guide me if i missed anything. Thanks for visiting ans take time on my post. Now i am waiting for your precious comments towards my post.

I would like to invite @wilmer1988 , @aaliarubab , @jyoti-thelight , @suboohi , @nadiaturrina , @steemdoctor1 , @sualeha , @pelon53 and @malikusman1 for participating on this contest.

Faran Nabeel


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Thank you so much dear 🥰

 3 months ago (edited)

Hola @faran-nabeel, usaste la tecnología para crear un billete original, mostrando el paso a paso con todos sus detalles el resultado final un excelente trabajo.

Lo único que faltó fué un selfie dónde mostraras tú creación.

Recuerda que es importante colocar la fuente de las imágenes.

Saludos 🤗

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 3 months ago 

Gran trabajo amigo con su billete cada paso desde seleccionar su tamaño hasta ir colocando sus colores y cada uno de sus diseños que a usted le pareció mejor para representar su billete un paso a paso que seguro muchos pueden usar para diseñar el suyo le deseo suerte, gracias a por la invitación.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Thank you so much dear for visiting and take time on my post. I am very happy to see your comment on my post.

@faran-nabeel 🌹🌹🌹🌹
You have chosen a great note and everyone chooses according to their own opinion but according to my mind you have prepared your best note and I hope this will be the number one post and you will continue to progress in the same way. Will continue to cross especially what is your best choice of color and designing of this note and it looks like this currency is really worthy of circulation in Pakistan and your note is really well designed....)

Saludos amigo! Un excelente diseño digital. Me gustaron mucho la combinación de colores de tu Steem, lo hacen ver llamativo y muy lindo.

Exitos en el reto.

Saludos amigo, felicidades hiciste un billete muy bonito, con colores muy vivos y un buen diseño, éxitos en el concurso

Thank you so much dear for visiting and supporting my blog.

Hola amigo, tu diseño se ve muy profesional.

La combinación de los colores azul y rosado lo hace muy llamativo,además de el logo de steem de fondo como en marca de agua.

La parte reversa me encantó, con el logo de steem ente las figuras que representa la blockchain.

Mucha suerte.

Saludos 🤗

Nice to hear about that you like the back side of banknote. Thanks dear for visiting and take time on my post.

I must acknowledge your design skills. I like the Steem banknotes you made. Good luck for the contest.

Thanks dear for this precious support, I am very happy to see your comment on my post 😊...

Hola amigo!! Muy creativo y original el billete me gustó mucho la combinación de colores un billete a la altura del desafío!

Muchos éxitos 🤗

Thanks dear for visiting and take time on my post.

Your banknote ticket is very well made. I liked it, Best of luck to you in the competition.

Thank you so much brother for your precious comment.

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