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Good morning !
It's been over a week, I haven't really posted a real post. I have some problems to deal with. However, the information and quite large fluctuations of Crypto over the past 1 week make me very anxious. In particular, more than 8 hours from this time #BTC has increased from $28,800 to $32,461 in 30 minutes. I will try to come back soon to provide information about crypto to everyone. Hope you will look forward to it.

I also intend to completely transfer the articles about plants and pets for my wife @hoaithu to post, so as not to mess up my blog. Or I'll use her post key. So, if you love pets like I do, I hope you follow that account. Thanks ☺️
Now, let's go to my pets. These are my little pets, less than 1 month old. Of course for many moms, I was pooled to care.
I put small hay underneath to protect their feet, they are very vulnerable. Yesterday, I had 10 small pets but every day I lost 1 small pet. I guess it's because the weather is too hot, affecting the digestive system and... 😥😥😥 Guinea pigs almost rarely get sick but can't stand the cold, the heat can still be tolerated, but it's really difficult for a pet that is too small. I have come up with a plan to combat the heat but it also takes some time.
Pet mom is breastfeeding, so cute right. She takes care of 2 small pets.
The other friends were released in the garden, enjoying the cool morning.
This boy is choosing food, she will eat fresh grass instead of hay 😹😹😹I remember he was about 3 months old & present very healthy.

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