Dealing with the negative forces of fear and failure

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Life in this world is very challenging. It’s a survival for the fittest. What makes you a man is the way you deal with challenges that come your way. However tough a situation or challenge may pause right there before your eyes. Be convinced that there are possibilities of overcoming it. Situations are temporary, today it’s here and tomorrow it’s all gone.

Let the fear of failure be the background noise of your success. – Giovanni Dienstmann

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James was a husband of just one wife whom he loved so dearly. They were both deep in love with each other. The husband ‘James’ found out that he was impotent and could never be able to make his wife pregnant and bear him children. James was so filled with anxiety thinking that his wife would now opt for divorce after discovering that he was in such an impotent position.

However, due to the affectionate love they had for one another both had to face/learn to live by that pressing challenge of not bearing children. They overcame by facing what they feared and opted for child adoption and in so doing they still live a happy and good marriage together with their adopted children. This is such an example of fear and failure.

What situation could be pausing before you as a failure?

Failure is the foundation of success and the means by which it is achieved. – Lao Tzu

The key thing to do is “Learn to confront/face what you fear.” Don’t run away from your fears and failures in life. Instead, stand boldly right there and face them. This is what makes you a man. Note that challenging situations act as fertilizers; they avail you with a favorable condition for you to grow.

Whenever you face tough situations just know that there is something great that is yet to be birthed out of you.
Deal with negative forces of fear and failure in a positive way. Look at them as opportunities to rise up! What does not kill you makes you stronger.

You are about to become a better version of yourself. Exercise mental fitness. Renew your mind with positive thinking. Start looking at all situations as opportunities. Embrace them and have something to learn from them. There is a story of success that is yet to be said about you. How you overcame and became the better person you are today.

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