Ways to Stay Motivated at Work and Inspire Those Around You!!

Ways to Stay Motivated at Work and Inspire Those Around You!!

While we are moving in life very fast, going digital in every single way, we have everything on our finger tips like ‘A click away’, I feel we are falling short as far as our mental health is concerned. According to a Gallup research (available online) around 70% of employees consider themselves to be disengaged at work, it’s a huge number. Organizations are spending more on training, motivating and team building activities. So, we can feel the seriousness of the matter by just looking at the numbers of demotivated employees.
Due to criticality of work, timelines and long working hours, we often miss the work life balance. There always been an incident in your work life that you are being demotivated or less interested in your daily routine. There might be list of reasons (Personal or Professional) behind that demotivating factor. So many small things affect us and changes our mood for the day like, if your favorite team losses a match or you get into a traffic while reaching to office, etc. Sometimes it’s a chain of reasons or a sequence of things which are happening around you. It’s a very common feeling in today’s world where we get demotivated or less interested. If you have been through this feeling, you should read this article/blog to evade such speed breakers of life like “DEMOTIVATION”.


Some of the key points which are helpful to regenerate energy and that energy into positivity:

  1. Break the tasks in small bits –
    When you look at your daily tasks you might feel it’s a humongous amount of work, but if you break that task into bits you will be able to manage your time as well as prioritize the work. In day to day life authors/writers follows the same strategy to achieve the tasks to complete the bulky book/write-ups.
    When you start shaping your list by importance you are actually arranging it from most to least important. Once you arrange the list you can apply the 80/20 formula (Pareto principle) to manage your time better. Post that you can break the scary tasks into the smaller bits and try to finish those smaller once to reach the bigger target. So, breaking them down will make things easier to complete.

  2. Think about the bigger picture –
    When you are working on something very important which might help people at large, you will definitely feel motivated to start or complete that work. The feeling of importance of your work should be present in the environment. This will always create a positive sentiment.
    Larry Page once said this about what drives people at Google: “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on significant things. You’re enthusiastic to get up in the morning.”

  3. Set your work and help others –
    Working in a team always gives you some surprises like your colleague is unable to finish the task and you need to push yourself to complete the team’s tasks. In such circumstances, you need to pull your socks and help the team as it creates an example and a positive impact on your team members. Some day you might need help from that other guy to whom you have helped. If you find helpful and happy people around you, it will motivate the team.

  4. Break the comfort –
    If you want to grow vertically and horizontally you should come out of your comfort zone. If you won’t break your comfort zone you won’t be able to explore your abilities and limits. If you are an expert in something and you are doing that thing only you won’t be able to add more things to your expertise. You never know when new things' takeover your expertise.
    If you feel ‘I am not really sure I can do this’ that is the moment when you are out of your comfort zone; that’s the breakthrough. It’s the indication of something is going to come at your way, accept that with open heart.

  5. Make your work FUN –
    If you face difficulties in completing every day’s task, you find given tasks uninteresting, you are least bothered about the quality of work you are giving – you should try to make your tasks fun. Fun is the best motivating factor. Like try to add some soothing music, have some chat with your friends during the breaks, take a small walk when you feel exhausted. All these little things will add positive points to your attitude towards work and it will redirect your generated energy.
    ‘People will do whatever they want to do, if you want people to do whatever you want, make it FUN’. If you make your work fun you will be happy to deliver whatever is required.

  6. Selective caring/ stop overthinking –
    As a human being we start taking care of everything and anything and it becomes our nature and behavior which turn our thoughts into OVERTHINKING. We should learn to shave off things which are not creating any change in your life. You can skip/end things which you have started, it’s not required to complete everything.
    If you are less occupied mentally you can concentrate on better things which are more useful and which requires more attention.

  7. Appreciate the most Important person of your life that’s YOU -
    Reward yourself for whatever you have done, if you start treating yourself with great respect you will find a positive change in yourself. It generates the self-confidence, self-motivation and you will be able to analyze your ability and your limits. Give yourself a target like if I finish something I will buy that shoes or anything and once you achieve that target reward yourself with that gift. It will motivate you to reach that target.

  8. Criticism – A positive improvement
    Yes, you read it right, if you are being criticized take that criticism positively and improve yourself or work on that feedback. Feedback/Criticism might come from your director/boss who are more experienced and who can show you a right path.
    “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop." ― Winston Churchill

I think motivation and employee’s attitude towards work are the biggest challenge for most of the companies. They are taking it very seriously and encouraging their employees to achieve better in life physically, financially and mentally.
Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

 5 months ago 

Excellent!! I loved it!! Thank you very much for sharing this here!

Thanks for your kind words!! This will MOTIVATE me to write more in our group. !!Appreciated!!

 5 months ago 

Thank you for sharing this! It's important to stay focused and motivated specially in hard times like these! Thank you for these techniques!

Yes it's important to push people in a positive direction to achieve team's GOAL. Cheers!!! We have motivators like @fendit and @belenguerra.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for this comment dear friend!

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