Movie Review- Hard Kill 2020

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I have been watching Bruce Willis movies since I was a boy. Whenever I am checking for a movie to watch and I see him in a cover, I don’t watch the thriller before I click on download.



Hard Kill is another movie that star Bruce Willis and a couple of guys like Jesse Metcalfe and Natalie Eva Marie. And it is directed by Matt Eskandari.

Eva Chalmers, the daughter of a billionaire Donovan Chalmers (Bruce Willis) is a techie lady that aimed to change the world with her skills by building a system with AI, known as Project 725, which can change the world for good or bad. She aimed for good, but a bad guy tried to turn it around.

She wanted to use the help of the government to try her work, but they refused to help and she contacted a man (Pardoner) who she thinks could help.

The first scene was when Eva Chalmers gave the project 725 to Pardoner. Pardoner received it and held Eva. Project 725 needs double access to work. Eva has one and her father has one. So for the system to work, Pardoner needs to get her father (Donovan Chalmers) and he contacted him, gave a location for them to meet with strict orders that if he comes there with heavy security, he would end his daughter’s life.


Donovan Chalmers called his PA, Fox, who is ex-military and has good contacts with other trustworthy and experienced military personals. Fox contacted Miller and told him a little truth about the technology and how they need to get it out of Pardoners’s hand. But he never told him that the location Pardoner gave them was to face Pardoner in Gun battle because Fox did not want Miller and his team to bring guns because of Pardoner’s threat.

Miller got his team, and they went into the building with Donovan Chalmers and Fox. Then Fox explained Pardoners terms that they had to agree to in other to save Eva Chalmers.


A few of Miller's team were angry, but they later face their fear and battle with Pardoner’s team. It was a long period of gun and combat battle. The Pardoner’s team were much and kept coming. Fox was shot in the process but lived. Miller lost two of his team guys. Pardoner later got Donovan Chalmers to get the password. He did, but Miller intercepted, fought with him. Donovan Chalmers and Eva destroyed Project 725. While Miller and Pardoner were fighting, Donovan Chalmers shot Pardoner, and the battle was over.

Bruce Willis works are used to be something similar to this since he is getting old. He can’t be climbing up and running like before, but this is a decent movie to work. I would recommend you watch it.

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