Poet||Agony (original poet)

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My throat is burning like a melting iron
I can't choke to death
Just lying on floor here
My suicide attempt failed me again

I can't move my body from the floor
Is so hard for me to do so
Feels like something is moving in my body
And my mind is been troubled
I'm hearing screams loudly inside my head
I think I'm going crazy

I'm in pains here
Can't breathe properly
I'm choking from the burning throat
Feels like I'm in hell, being tormented by the devil
I starts vomiting blood from my mouth, this time
My eyes where so red
I was still on the floor with serious pain

I prayed to God to take my life
I can't bear the pain
Cutting my veins with a razor
Blood flows from my wrists to the floor
I was soaked with my own blood

With force I stand to my feet
But eyes started turning
I can't hold myself
I fell and smashed my head on floor
I was giving up the ghost
Everything turned dark in my eyes
Now the suicide has worked

The devil welcome me
And took my soul to my new home called hell
Where I atone my my sins in external pain
My suicide led me to hell
The devil was happy to welcome me


Thanks @belenguerra