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These is yet another interesting contest from our very own community @writingnreviews, I want to sincerely say a very big thank you to those who have made these contest a reality. Appreciation to @belenguerra and @fendit you guys are really the type of people we need in these community.

Without wasting much of our time, I will like to go straight to the topic of discussion i.e the Book Review. And today I will be reviewing one of the books that has really made an impact in my life as a person. Please follow me as we journey through these process together.

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No Excuses!:
The Power of Self-Discipline

Written By: Brian Tracy

Why do people always have a way of justifying their failure?

A good number of persons all over the world believes that to become successful, you need to be lucky or better still be very talented in different fields of life. After reading these book over and over again I discovered that, that believe is not very true because many people achieve success through self discipline.

A legend with the name Brian Tracy who was even a drop out from the high school and never had much of a talent proved to the world that through self discipline you can go to places where luck and talent could not take you to.

Brian Tracy is a man who does not believe in excuse at all, he believes that anything can be achieved using self discipline. After working for a few years as a laborer, he discovered that he can actually make exploits if he applies the rule of self discipline in his life and that was the reason he quited.

When Tracy discovered that self discipline is all he needed to succeed, he change his view concerning life itself. He went into sales and marketing, investing, real estate development, and management consulting.

Because of how good Tracy is at his work, due to self discipline, he became an icon people all over they world look up to him for success as a matter of fact, he was consulted by more than 1, 000 companies just to give a motivational speech and also he has spoken to more than 4 million people in 40 different countries and he has also written about 45 books just to mention but a few.

No Excuses! shows you how you can achieve success in all three major areas of your life:

  1. Personal goals: Through self-discipline, a person will be able to know that persistence is a sure way of success. Self discipline doesn't give you they room to give up.

  2. Your business and money goals: self-discipline can cause you to a far better leader and a far better manager, assist you close more sales and make extra money , improve your time-management and problem- solving abilities, and cause you to simpler and successful at work.

  3. Your overall happiness: self-discipline can assist you to be happier, healthier, and more physically fit, and it can assist you in your marriage and your relationships together with your children and friends.


From the beginning of chapter one to the last chapter of these book, it shows you how to improve more on self discipline and also encourages you that you don't have any reason to make any excuse in life.
A little self-discipline goes a long stop making excuses and go for the goals because they are all achieved.

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Nice Book good luck in the contest!

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I loved this post, my friend!! I think that reading such thing mostly we that are part of this community that allows us to become more independent, it's something very useful!

Thank you very much dear @simonnwigwe!!

Thanks for reading through my post

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:) :) thanks to you for sharing!!

Best of luck with the contest. It is great to have contests like this and i have also entered myself.

Thanks and I wish you the very best too

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