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This is my first attempt at writing for the diary game, and I hope you like it friends. Though of course, I have written about my daily activities multiple times in the past, I never really wrote with the diary game in mind. Today however, will be different.


So, I started my day in a great way. I had a meeting scheduled at Ikeja, the capital town of Lagos State, Nigeria. This was a different location from my office, but was much closer to that of my fiancée's. As a result, we both went together in the morning, and decided to have breakfast before work hours begin...





I had the famed Nigerian Jollof rice and beef, while my fiancée had a mix of fried rice and Jollof, with a piece of chicken. Because it was early, the restaurant was a bit empty, and only a few diners could be seen having breakfast...

As soon as we were done, I dropped off fiancée at her office, and proceeded to the location of my scheduled meeting. At the location we discussed the possibility of acquiring a Microfinance Bank license, and a whole other cocktail of business discussions which I wouldn't want to bore you with. Here are a few pictures I managed to take before and after the meeting.









Finally, I proceeded to my office with my colleagues and spent the rest of the day working. I did take a few personal pictures of my multi-coloured socks, as I like to do, and this is the result...


Anyway, how did your day go?

Feel free to share too...

Shout out to @belenguerra @fendit and @writingnreviews

I love you all!



All photos were taken by my Tekno Camon 12 Pro phone

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