Why I love animals

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Man can never give us more love than the one we give him, while an animal, no matter how good or bad we are towards it, will try to give us that unconditional love, that love is infinite and indescribable. No one can give you more love than animals. I know from personal experience because I have a dog, but I have to admit that before I had a dog, I didn’t know what kind of love it is and how much love an animal can actually give us. Since I got the dog, my view of the entire animal kingdom has changed.

I think that one of the greatest sins of the human race is heartless behavior towards animals that have a soul. When I say that, I mean the truth that scientists have been aware for at least two centuries that everything that has a soul thinks and feels. This does not mean that insects and animals that do not have a heart and brain should be treated heartlessly. After all, without the simplest creatures of worms, bees, and ants, which we kill and rule without thinking, the entire ecosystem would collapse and be excavated, and that cannot be said for the human race.


People always think that they are at the top of the pyramid of the animal kingdom and rule it, and it is called the ego system, we are not even aware of how much we are actually one with animals, we are even worse than them, they do not pollute the place where they live. where they live should be nice and clean with fresh air in nature. We humans have destroyed the place where we live in recent years, there is less and less drinking water, and we do not notice it, the number of animals on this planet is decreasing, and we are not even aware that it could destroy our lives and the lives of animals. so good and have so much unconditional love that I can’t describe it. That is why I dedicate this post to animals, and whoever has an animal knows what unconditional love is, it is the most beautiful kind of love that a living being can feel, whenever I come home we wait for my dog ​​who always greets me with a sweet bark, he cannot from happiness and love to calm down, he hoops around my legs, jumps on me and waves his sweet tail.


Animals were obviously created for humans, but not for humans to eat. The importance of animals is much greater and extends from learning about life to reaching spirituality. It is not just about the harmonious life of everything that exists. Every animal, be it an insect, fish, bird, reptile, or mammal, teaches a lesson and gives an example of how to live in mutual energy-soul-spiritual harmony ... Thus, often unreasonably hated insects contribute to the existence of food in human plates and hoards, pollinating plants. We, humans, are born herbivores, we don't need to kill animals and feed on them, but unfortunately, we are not as aware of that as I am because I definitely eat meat, that's why some of our teeth also have stomach problems, like my grandmother.

I hope you love animals, if you don’t love them at least respect them, and don’t be mean to them.



With love, Sarah❤️


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