Meet my dad

It's time to introduce you to my dad. I believe you’ve never had a chance to meet my dad, but it’s never too late, so I want to introduce you to him now. Like any daughter, I am attached to my dad. I adore him, he is very funny and loves me a lot, and even when he yells at me, I still know he loves me.



He is like any dad, he likes to lie in bed, nibble on peanuts and watch on TV what he is interested in, watch what he is not interested in just to say that he is watching TV, when I change the program he would not even be angry if he doesn't look, he would fall asleep right after that, which is very funny to me. He adores cars and animals, I think in my family he loves Badia the most.



He is very hardworking, and he is a great cook, he is better than my mom, I like it best when he prepares lunch because it is with style and taste, the whole building smells and the taste is too good, but don't tell my mom that I am she said dad cooks better than her. My dad also likes to travel a lot, but he, like me, loves summer the most, whenever we go to the sea, every normal person spreads sunscreen and lies under an umbrella in the shade, but he is totally the opposite, he goes to the beach, the towel is smeared with olive oil because as he says it is best for the skin, and I can tell you that he is right, but I could never be like him, once he fell asleep on the mattress and sailed to the end of the beach, after an hour he returned all red, he couldn't move, I couldn't help but laugh.


I hope you liked my dad because I would never change my dad in the world, even though there are some flaws, I don't notice them, they are so insignificant that I didn't even tell you. I know that everything he does is good for me and my family, and he just wants us to be happy. You love your parents, because they love you too, even though it sometimes doesn't seem that way.


With love, Sarah❤️


Thanks for sharing the awesome pics of your dad! It is nice to meet him! 👍

You're lucky to have such a loving family. Not everyone has that, but it's great when you have family love.

Your parents look so young! It's hard to believe they have teens for children. I love that last pic! Even Buddy the dog is there to feel the family love! <3 :)