Come and celebrate the glory together Saint Andrew

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the celebration of my glory. That day is reserved only for our glory. My father inherited this fame from my grandfather. And we celebrate it every year. We prefer to celebrate the glory with our loved ones, we celebrate in the family circle. Then we are the most relaxed, and we talk about various topics without worrying that someone will be offended. I love her fame, even though she is fasting, I love her. That whole day fasts, and the guests who come must fast because the glory is fasting. Only fish is eaten, and my favourite is trout. What is not too crowded with our dishes, we do not have many guests, and the food is never thrown away, so ours looks like this. I like it, and I like to eat everything that is served. And I like the end the most when it comes to cakes.
Let's celebrate slowly!



First I set up a clean white sheet on which we will eat. That's what I usually do. It can be a little harder, because the table is a bit "slippery" so it often falls on one side, but nothing that I can not solve :D Of course, I'm kidding, it's the easiest and most beautiful part because then I think it's what is ready to eat.


After that, a candle is placed, which should be lit no later than noon, after which it will not be lit. Such is the custom. Whichever candle we celebrate, his image will also be found on the saint. Our saint, our glory that my father inherited, and later my brother will inherit. I will not because I am a woman, I will celebrate the glory of my husband.


Saint Andrew

He suffered on the cross, because of his devotion to the New Testament faith. It is celebrated as a baptismal feast. As the first apostle of Christ called the first called, St. Andrew was the elder brother of the Holy Apostle Peter and a disciple of St. John the Baptist.

He was the apostle of Constantinople and Russia, the patron saint of the Russian Empire and the house of the Romanovs. He preached the Gospel in Byzantium and Thrace, in the Danube countries, and then in Russia and around the Black Sea, in Epirus, Greece and the Peloponnese. There he suffered, crucified on a slanting cross, while he preached Christianity to the gathered people and prayed to God until his death.

Parts of his relics are in Constantinople, Rome, Moscow and Greece. As he healed the poor and sick during his life, so his miraculous relics helped many. Even today, the oblique cross is called Andrejin after the cross on which he was crucified.

It is celebrated as a baptismal feast, because of Christmas fasting, always with a fasting meal, this year reduced, with the application of epidemic measures. The glory is the Belgrade municipality of Voždovac.

Saint Andrew celebrates the home of Karadjordjevic

The Karadjordjevic family has been celebrating this holiday since the time of the First Serbian Uprising, and it was introduced by the leader Karadjordjevic, who made a vow to St. Andrew in 1806, after the liberation of Belgrade from Turkish rule.

According to folk beliefs, St. Andrew talks to large animals and is considered their protector. He talks to them, and they are submissive to him.

Bears used to celebrate St. Andrew's Day, believing that this saint tames bears like dogs and that he travels the world riding on this beast.

It is believed that bears do no harm or touch people on that day, so you should not go hunting for them then. Corn should be eaten on this day.

My father thinks that we are descendants of Karadjordjevic because he saw our family tree. He says that he should see her with the Karadjordjevics, but he could not because of the crown. In our house, we all joke about him, because it's a little unbelievable, but you never know. We celebrate their glory.



It is the turn of plates that are also white, so it is the most beautiful and it looks a little more elegant. I also post. It turns out that I'm complaining that I'm doing everything, but it's not like that, it's not difficult for me, I'm just saying :D Of course, I don't post the whole thing alone, although it wouldn't be a problem for me, we all feel welcome and useful. And the sheets and plates were my task, as well as some other very important things, but not so big, visually, but spiritually very important.

Enjoy a couple of good photos of this very exhaustive job :D





I've already posted here, so I could say the whole thing. There is still a lack of food, but it will be brought by the mother who also prepared everything that will see you later. She just didn't cook the fish, but she didn't have time.


Slav wine

The glorious wine signifies the blood of Jesus Christ. I couldn't find the details, but these four things are the most important in fame. The most important thing is to have a celebration candle, a celebration cake, celebration wheat and a celebration wine. Some say that a rich table is needed, but it doesn't matter, these four things are the most important, everything else is secondary to the choice and possibilities.


Celebration cake

The day before the celebration, the housewife kneads a cake made of pure wheat flour, to which a little Epiphany and consecrated water is added before the celebration. The cake is decorated with various ornaments made of simple dough (flour and water). in the central part, there should be an ornament with the symbol ISHS (Jesus Christ wins).

The glorious cake symbolizes Christ, who is the bread of life, and the wine with which the cake is poured during the consecration signifies the blood of Christ, which flowed from his wounds. Immediately after the consecration, the family takes a piece of cake, and then cuts it and serves other guests with lunch.


Slavic wheat

On the eve of the feast, the housewife prepares koliva or panaija, that is, the feast wheat. The grain is prepared from pure and peeled wheat grain in clean water. Then it is strained and ground, and for a better taste, ground walnuts and ground sugar are added. The slav wheat is then transferred to a beautiful, low bowl, shaped nicely and also decorated with nuts and sugar. During the consecration of the cake, wheat is also carried - a candle is placed in the middle and lit, the grain is also poured with wine in the shape of a cross, and then the candle is taken out. You can put a flower in its place.

Just like the slav cake, the slav wheat is also served first by the family and then by the guests. According to tradition, the grain is served by the housewife or daughter, and she carries it on a tray together with a glass of wine and clean spoons. However, wine is not necessary, because the grain has already been poured over it, so water can be carried.

The glorious wheat is cooked and offered to the glory of God and the part of the saint that is celebrated, for the health and progress of the household, as well as for the peace of the souls of the deceased in that home. In Christianity, what is a symbol of eternal life - death or resurrection, because when it is sown, the grain of wheat dies and germinates, but from it, a new life is born that brings a hundredfold fruit.




As I said, it's time to light a candle. My father did that before noon, because that is the custom, as he said. Once the candle is lit, the host must stand and court, the host, that is, my father must not sit but must stand all the time and wait for darkness to fall, because then it is considered that the candle should be extinguished and only then the host should sit down. When a candle is extinguished, it is never blown into it, because it is not good, it is always extinguished with fingers or wine. my father has a habit of extinguishing with his fingers, because he is afraid that the wine will spill all over the table, and then his mother will kill him: D I'm kidding



The lamp is lit and starts smoking in the house. The whole house must pass through the holy smoke for the whole house to be consecrated and for the saint to be welcomed everywhere, to feel welcome, and then the chandeliers are returned to the wall, above the icon to burn incense to the saint all the time. We don't have that lamp for the wall, so my father smoked it by hand and invited him to his glory.




After that comes the cutting and consecration of the cake that my father makes together with my brother. That's right, only a man in the family can consecrate a cake and cut it. That’s what my oldest brother and my father do as I said. They spin the cake in a circle, my father says something I didn't remember while my brother answers "Yes to be" after that the cake is cut in half and then in a quarter and poured with wine. In the end, my father and brother kissed him to welcome Jesus Christ and the candle.




After cutting the cake, everyone must take a sip of red wine. I don't like red wine, but what you have to do is not difficult. So I accepted the blood of Jesus with great joy, as did my whole family. My dad took the biggest sip, but shut up :D



When that most important part is over, my younger sister starts setting the rest of the table. She sets up fork knives and napkins. There is no spoon because we didn't have any soup or soup, and it's better that way because I don't like fish soup.





And here comes the tastier part. The part where lunch starts and where all the fun starts. We are waiting for the guests to come with a prepared table. There is not much or too much on the table, but quite enough and satisfying. I love that we celebrate glory in our way, now and then change the custom as it suits him, nothing much, but the little things can make a difference. Of course, the most important part never changes, and that is the preparation of those four things.


The beans you see were prepared by my mother and they are delicious, I didn't want to take photos of her, and she also asked me, so as not to disturb her, I let her enjoy the kitchen and make us all these wonderful dishes.


The only thing I didn't try was the potato salad, it never attracted me. I'm not attracted to that combination of flavours of potatoes, sour, onion and salty. Somehow it seems strange to me, but the older ones like it, so I just let them enjoy it without any questions, who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with it one day.


The fish came too. Which my brother went to the market to buy because my mother didn't have time. The fish was really good, and nicely baked, just the way I like it. We all enjoyed it, it was also the main dish, so it had to be good. We buy fish from a woman who my dad always takes, she is nice and always prepares the fish nicely.



We grew our olives. We have a house in Montenegro with a lot of olive trees. My dad loves it, he loves to grow various vegetables and fruits, but he loves olives the most, the piers are still home-made, so there is nothing more beautiful. One can only sit and enjoy. Ahhh ... It would be nice if I had a house by the sea and homemade olives. But the last hope dies, I lied a little, but one thing is true, and that is that my father loves agriculture. He had a lot of fruits and vegetables, he also had bees. But it didn't pay off, so he gave up. He tried to grow tomatoes on the terrace, but the terrace is small for that. The tomato was great even though it is from the terrace. Olives are from the store, purchased :D


And this is a mixed salad. He takes what he likes. It’s a speciality from my mom. Pickles, fried peppers, pickles and ajvar on one plate. I love everything from this plate, but I mostly eat what everyone else does, and that is pickles.


Welcome, which is ready, help yourself and have fun. The table looks like this, nothing excessive, as I have said many times, but nicely checkered and delicious. I think I could celebrate this glory many times, even though it is fasting. I think several times a year. I can't wait to go to some glory, because then the atmosphere is the most beautiful.


And for the very end, celebration cakes that are very well known. These are lean, but they are equally delicious, go for it, sweeten up, you will need it after this voluminous lunch.





I hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed making it and sharing it with you fulfills me in a way. Greetings until the next post. I wish you a lot of love and happiness, Sara.

𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮, 𝓢𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓱❤️


Wow, it was so great to read all of this information about the glory of Saint Andrew and to see all the awesome pics. I feel like I was there with you, and I wish I could taste the food!

It really is great to learn about the things that are important to you and your family. Your blog posts are always interesting and educational. I really enjoy all your posts! :)

It is beautiful to be together and celebrate the glory. This custom exists only in Serbia, stop by once, it is said in Serbia that one does not call for glory, but only comes

Thanks for the wonderful comment, @kenny-crane :D

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