Flash Contest: For a greener planet.

Good day to everyone in this community and other communities around the world. It is yet another great contest organized by the leaders of writing and review community. And I am very happy to take part in the contest.

I think we should protect the environment not for only living creatures but for plants and trees that even provide benefit direct to us. The trees provide oxygen which every person need to breathe.It is important to protect and conserve our natural resources which includes;air,water and forest in other to maintain good health. The environment can be protected by individuals, organizations and the government.


What is environment?

Environment can be define as the things surrounding us. Examples are trees, houses, cars, buildings etc.

Why should we protect our environment and ways to protect it.

1 We should protect our environment to create a better lifestyle for our selves. Otherwise we should be consciously participating in calamities of destroying our planets, and humans as well as other living things on Earth will face a great loss.

2 We should reduce the use of fertilizer in our farms;

Using chemical fertilizers in our farm lands continuely reduces the fertility if the soil.
For that matter,the top soil wash away when it rains.

3 Afforestation;

It is another way of protecting the environment. That is, replacing the cut down trees in our communities. Since humans can no do away of cutting down trees, we should try to plant trees in order to replace the cut down one's. Planting more trees in our communities helps us during heavy wind blows.

4 We should avoid using chemical for fishing;

Using chemicals like DDT for fishing destroyed our water bodies, unlike the people in the villages,they don't have access to good drinking water,so they are depending on rivers, streams boreholes,so if fisher men uses chemicals in getting the fish, they will destroyed the water bodies for the village people to use it.

5 Waste management;

It is the process of managing the Waste which involves treating solid and liquid waste. We should be able to manage the refuse well,we should not dump rubbish at the wrong places like our water bodies or even the places we sell food.
We should be able get a waste managing company that will help in disposing our waste

6 Education;

Educating the public will help everyone to be able to protect the environment. Educating the public on how important the environment is will help in protecting the environment.

With the above mentioned,I think with those points it can help in protecting our environment.

But before I end my submission,I will like to invite @kamara1 , @lukman1 and @ophoto to also take part in the contest. Thank you.

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Thanks for the invitation bro. I will be taking part in this contest because it is our solely responsibility and duty to protect and conserve the environment for the future generations.

Our life really depends on the environment and we need to conserve it

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