FLASH CONTEST: Creativity with Photographs// i just want to be "me"

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Life have dealt hard with me, everyday I struggle to survive and at the end of the day nothing to show. This manipulated me so much that I had to start living life that am not. I became really famous and well to do, but it always occur to me that am living someone else's life .

Am tired of being who and what am not, am tired of living a life that Is not mind, a borrowed life. So many times I looked at the mirror I could see that pretentious smile but deep down I know all Is not well but i have refused to believe it.

I see friends living large driving expensive cars living in well furnished apartment and wears costly cloths. I will look at them and wish to be like them without knowing that down there not all that glitter is gold. The

I never knew that one of my biggest reward in life is to know and appreciate all my achievement, and most importantly to love the me of today. I just want to stop being others and be me i want to kearn to love the man i am and i want to like everything i do with passion. And all the mistakes i have made over the years i want to correct i want to make things right again.

Am just tired of being in shoes of others i want to wear mine and feel every pains. How can i start because the act of being someone is now part of me, i will raise up and fight, fight for me. All what i need is my freedom😰. Hello @benson, @evegrace and @goodybest i am inviting you to paticipate in this contest.

Poem by @obrisgold


Amazing @obrisgold I was enjoying every paragraph of your write up, I wish you go on and on and on. Thanks for the invite and I wish you success!

😁thanks for stopping by. Am glad you enjoyed reading. Good luck to me and you should please paticipate.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for participating in our contests section. We are happy that you join our initiatives. We appreciate your commitment to this community!

Together we will reach for the stars!

Yes for sure we are aiming for the stars🥵😃 happy to be part of this family ❤️

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