Great success is a domino effect.

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Our reactions to circumstances as humans are frequently connected. I quite remember some days ago, my room was in bad shape: I had refused for several days to clean it up. So one morning, I decided to pick up the gloves on the floors, then I laid my bed, and folded my clothes. Before I realized it, I was moping the tile floors, dusting my electronic devices, and when I was done, I was even more primed to hit the gym for workouts- something I had not done in weeks. It was later that day I realized picking up the gloves set in motion the other acts. I had experienced the Domino effect.

On technical grounds, the Domino effect is when a change made to one behavior activates a powerful chain reaction and evokes changes in other connected or related behaviors. This idea stems from lining up numerous Dominos and then toppling over one Domino when the lineup is done. What will be observed is that one falling Domino hits the next and the sequence follows till there is no Domino left standing.

Now, tipping over a Domino seems pretty simple; however, when it comes to life, it is not easy to line up and accomplish goals that lead to a greater good. It is difficult for sure, but not impossible. The highly successful people in various sectors of life know of this principle and consistently put it into practice. Some even allude to it as the compound effect. One may wonder why this functions? The answer is simple: there is nothing like an overnight success. Great successes come from small things done consistently right. A straight-A student is that good because that student consistently dedicates time to learning materials tested by the academic institution he or she is a member of. Good writers publish sublime articles because they write frequently. Olympic swimmers are extremely good at what they do because they virtually practice every day. The examples are endless, but the message is simple and clear- the small things matter in life.

Bill Gates once said that we overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in ten years. The key takeaway from this message is that whatever your goals are in life are, break them down into tiny pieces and accomplish each minor goal over time. Do not be afraid to aim higher,likewise do not be afraid to do accomplish the small goals that lead to the higher calling. Stay consistent and you will get there.