🎈🎈 What's your biggest dream in life?🎈🎈

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What's good fellow Steemians. I believe everyone is as fine as I am. I would like to take this opportunity to first commend @belenguerra and @fendit for this sublime chance to share with the world my biggest life dream.

Now the black skid marks are alternating, appearing on one sheet and skipping the next. I suspect the rollers are dead, or it could just be dust like last time. Whatever the case, I’ll have to close the shop for the next few hours. My tools consist of two hands and a spanner but it's alright, I’ve had to do with less. This is the second time the printer has broken down this week, and I know my townsmen won’t be pleased to come and meet the closed sign. My father’s little printing shop or ‘hut’ to be graphically accurate, is not the only one available in town but its the distance from the school allows convenience for many. It was actually the unreliability of the printers that got me involved with the shop. We usually relied on a mechanic from the next town, a man with his own schedule. When father could no longer afford the services, his little ward stepped in. A few YouTube videos and a lot of trial and error and eventually the shop was left in my care. I am now the designated merchant, repairer, accountant, and security guard. I didn’t know much about the printers but as the firstborn and apparently the only son, I have naturally been thrust into this role, a shopkeeper.

‘Check the gauge’ he tells me. ‘102 degrees’ I report back. With my index finger, I turn up the local thermostat. The experiment is to determine what temperatures evoke the most croaks. I keep turning up the dial, and then voila as if rehearsed all the frogs start croaking. The croaks can be heard echoing throughout the lab. It’s empty today, all the students have retired and I’m alone with my biology demonstrator. It’s been a busy few days making an intrepid assertion about a ballooned distensible vocal cord only to be proven wrong with our next experiment. He needed help with his Masters's project and as the student volunteer, it was my duty to assist him. I’ve assisted in many experiments in this lab and it’s become my second home really. I know where all the dial and notches are, even where they keep the live snakes! I am the able guard keep of a measly science lab.

He throws his little hands about trying to illustrate his point. The class is a bit confused and there is muttering across the room. This is the point where I’m supposed to use the universal ‘quiet down!’ but a bit of discussion can be helpful to their young minds. Outside the window, I can see the shadowy figures silhouetted by the parents waiting for their wards and I know I must bring the class to an end. This is how I spent my time after school, as a neighborhood tutor. At the height of my endeavor, I was responsible for 45 children. I had been solicited by the parents to provide extra tutelage for their wards and I was happy to oblige. To these parents I was a steady hand they could rely upon and to these students a timely tutor.

Whether a father needs a mechanic, a lab demonstrator needs an assistant, or some struggling students need extra tutelage, I am there. I like being a dependable one. It is how I make my existence meaningful to the world. In my part of the world, community and togetherness are highly cherished, and it is these lessons that have imbibed in me a willingness, a fixation almost to be as useful as I can to others. It is this that motivates me to acquire new skills every day, becoming a savant of many disciplines that they shall serve of use to others.

In short, my biggest life dream is to be useful in any community I find myself in, motivate and inspire the younger ones, and become a better global citizen.