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Hello steemians,

I am honored to participate in this competition for films that talk about real stories, which is organized by the two hardworking members @belenguerra and @fendit, and I have chosen the film LINCOLN to talk about it.

Presentation :

LINCOLN is an American historical drama film that tells the story of the last months of the life of US President Abraham Lincoln, and the film won two Oscars.


About the film:

  • Starring: Daniel D. Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones.
  • Screenplay: Tony Kushner.
  • Directed by: Steven Spielberg.
  • Issue Date: 2012
  • Duration: 150 minutes.

The story of the movie :

Lincoln notes his note after he was re-elected in 1865, as the Civil War is nearing an end, Lincoln asks loudly what will happen to slaves after the end of the war, despite the Emancipation Proclamation that he launched in 1863 that most slaves were released to participate in the war, but this declaration It did not make slavery illegal, so a constitutional amendment that completely abolishes slavery is the solution.


Lincoln meets a white couple from Missouri and asks them about their opinion of emancipating slaves, and the lady tells him that she agrees if that will end the war, so he asks her again if the war really ends, so will she agree to free the slaves after that, and the lady refuses because the freed slaves will crowd them into holding jobs, Lincoln maintains that passage of the Article Thirteenth Amendment must be made before the end of the war.

The Senate approves the proposed amendment while the House opposes the resolution, Lincoln tries to employ lobbyists to persuade the lawmakers to approve the amendments and is also trying to persuade influential lawmakers in the Republican Party and leaders of its conservative wing Preston Blair and his son to approve the amendment, but Preston requests a visit to the Confederate leadership of the Army in the Richmond State of Virginia and inviting them to send a delegation to negotiate an end to the war to Washington.


This causes an embarrassment to Lincoln, as ending the war in this way after all the bloodshed means the return of slavery again as if nothing had happened, Lincoln relies heavily on radical representatives from Pennsylvania led by Tadeus Stevens, as they believe in complete racial freedom, including the right of blacks. In the vote, they also abolished the death penalty in the state before.


As for the family life of Lincoln, his wife, Mary Todd, who supports the amendments, suffers from a constant headache as a result of her fear of her husband's assassination, after she lost her son Willy three years ago, and her second son Robert, who studies law at Harvard University, insists on leaving the university and enlisting in the army Fearing the loss of another son, Lincoln tries to persuade his son to back down but fails, causing Mary to reassure him that he will join him with the staff of Army Commander Polisis Grant, thus eliminating the possibility of harm.

Commander Grant sends Lincoln to tell him that the negotiating delegation wants to come to Washington to negotiate, and Lincoln asks Grant to detain them until the amendments pass after ten days, and in the Parliament session for the vote, those who reject the amendment publish news of the negotiators ’detention and demand a postponement of the vote, but the request is rejected and the vote is in favor of amending the article and abolishing slavery. Constitutionally, and after the vote of all the deputies, the chair of the session requests the person in charge of taking the votes to record his vote in approval of the amendments, because this is a historical position.


After the vote, Lincoln meets the delegation and agrees with them to end the war in exchange for approval of the constitutional amendments, and the delegation is forced to agree after their defeat in the war. Lincoln goes to Virginia to visit the army and inspects the dead bodies that were lying everywhere, and he feels sad and appears weak, and asks the army commander Not to harm southern officers and soldiers after they declare surrender, days after surrender Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.

My review :

A very beautiful film at the end of the Civil War and on the political and military fight led by Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery on the territory of the United States of America! We follow the journey of a man and the trials that have to be overcome to get this new amendment to the American constitution accepted. The performance of Daniel-Day Lewis is astonishing and that of Tomy Lee Jones brilliant, A hell of a job of interpretation for the two men. A work that I highly recommend because it is really good.
In short, Lincoln is a very good film directed by a very great director.



 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot for sharing this post! I started to watch this movie but I got bored, lol. Anyway, I think that it's a very good one, because I've heard a lot of good critics about it!

Have a great day!!

Lol !! I advise you to complete it, it's interesting.

Can I have your discord contact or twitter?

Thank you

 3 years ago 

Great post, to be honest I know nothing about Lincoln so watching this would be good to know about him.

I was curious about this movie. I will watch it as soon as possible. Thank you 🙏🏻

Wow, that's a perfect movie I was searching for something like this, I have heard many things about Lincoln.

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