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We are all aware of the recent increase in rapes in the World at large, and this article will educate you on how to avoid the clutches of these depraved bastards who are defiling our young females.

Our young maidens are no longer safe in our society, and it is our joint responsibility to advise and safeguard them. Do we believe we will have a better future if we do not protect our young women, who are also future leaders? Certainly not.

Now, these men operate in a variety of ways, which I will detail in this article. Please read the entire article and share it with others by simply resteeming it. We can make the world a better and safer place for everyone if we work together.

*When you’re hanging out with a guy or a man and he insists on having an alcoholic drink instead of the typical juice, that’s a tactic that many of them employ to get you intoxicated, lose consciousness, and then take advantage of you.

Even though you must have complied and taken two bottles, they will insist on taking more; do not do so; instead, flee if feasible. A man who actually cares about you would never do such a thing.

*If he is always of the view that you should come and spend the night at his house, don’t agree to do so until he has first come to see your family and made proper introductions so that everyone knows where you are and why you are there.

Tell him to come to see your family first, even if he sweet talks you into it by promising you to trust him and that nothing bad will happen. If he does it, he’s the real deal; else, stay away.

*It is not true if he constantly tells you that the only way you can prove your love for him is to surrender your body to him. Stay away before you regret it. That is not the way to show someone you love them.
A man who truly cares about you will wait for you to be ready before doing anything with him.


*Don’t follow any guy to any party in the hopes of being accepted into society’s upper crust. Partying or going to a nightclub will never turn you into a big girl, and if that is his plan for you, he does not care about you. It is in such a place that the majority of young girls are drugged and defiled.


Instead, tell him to take you to a restaurant that is open during the day.

*The most crucial is that some of these unscrupulous guys would try to deceive you by offering you money. They’ll tell you that if you join them, they’ll buy you heaven and earth, and even make you the most beautiful female on the planet. He’s attempting to deceive you.


If he truly cares about you, he will want to date you, get to know you and make plans for the future with you. Please educate yourself.

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