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  • As a husband it is very wise to take care of your wife, which includes maintaining her well and making sure that she looks good and presentable for you.As a man it is also good and wise to take care of your woman and maintain her well as you maintain your self.This love we are talking about is indeed a beautiful thing and everyone should experience true love from his or her man or woman. I always preach about true love, talk about true love,pray for true love and desire true l from a real man.As a man in a relationship with your woman, maintenance is very important and necessary unless you want another man to do the maintenance for you.If you truly love that your woman then take care of her well,it also applies to all the married men too:

  • As a lady, I have already experienced a high level of male chauvinism in some men that I worked with, that I considered very spiritual prayer warriors. This made me to wonder what kind of abuse their future wife would have to endure if they did not change. In fact, I have heard many Christian ladies say, "I can't marry a spiritual Christian man. They do not know how to love." Many ladies marry unbelievers because of the trauma they faced relating with Christian brothers. And when I say that the experience is traumatic, I mean it... Like I said I have first hand experience. Love is not about the money most of the times. Many Christian brothers degrade women in their speech because they feel that God said in his words that women are slaves (they don't understand the difference between submission and subjection) or that women are the evil that destroys men (like Adam and Eve).

  • As a man, how do you treat your female co-workers, unit members, business partners, classmates etc? Do you feel that there is an entitlement that comes with being a man?Most men that abuse women do that unknowingly. Some people do it as part of the tradition that they were brought up with. If a lady tries to correct them, she is being disrespectful.

  • There was a time I recounted just one episode of the abuse with some men, and a man that isn't particularly a Christian (by biblical standards but he goes to church) said that the males in the picture were very jealous and that is what lead to the discrimination. As a man, do you envy the successes of females and seek to bring them down?

  • Do you all realise how much Christianity is dragged to the mud because men read the passage of Bible that do not concern them and forget theirs. That passage to submit to your husband was directed to wives. So, men, focus on learning to love. Start with all the females around you. Be that person that people go to first when they have problems. Be that person that the faces of females light up when they see you. Be that person that spreads love and joy. And I trust that God will connect you to a virtuous woman after your heart. * This is because God's greatest jewels (virtuous women) deserve to be loved.

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