Angel will you let -original poem

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Hold you me with
Your hands
And lead me through
The road of circumcision
Pillars of fires by the night
Pillars of clouds by the day?

These dew days
Breathing storms
And sulfur
Will you let them
Spoil and smoothen?

Crowds breaking camps and canopies
Violating virgins and
Burning clergies
Will you let them
Mess the masses?

Will you let them
Soil our white garments
Or spill our pure blood
Will you let them spit on the son
And disprove the word?

Against the God of gods
The Ancestor of ancestors
Our very beginning and end
Have we sinned!

We have made ourselves
And choosen other gods
After our likes
We lightly esteemed
Him in our hearts
And cast his love
To swine herds and
His norms to slums

See how we have
Desecrated his holy
Altar, with blood crying bloods
Blood of beasts, blood of virgins
Blood of both innocent and guilty ones

See how his temple
We have piled with piffles
Tattoos every where
Ethanol every where
Burning with smokes
Wearing bribes as beard
Tribalism our turban
So we chase away his flow

We have stammer- stopped
The anthem before mid way
And removed our grips of
The pledge's plough
We have stretched bent knees
All on our own, against hops and holds
Who says he has not sinned
Let him cast the first salvo-

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