Poet|| In My Dream

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I saw you in my dreams
You came to me
Everything was happening so real
I was all alone in the dream
But then you came to me
Smiling with your beautiful face

You took away my heart
You made me lose control in my dream
You cuddled me like a baby

In my dream
You made love to me
I don't want to be awake
I just want to be with you forever in my dream

In my dream
You gave me a deep kiss
I feel like wanting more of you
My life was in the right place
Your beautiful face made me feel better

In my dream
I couldn't think of anything but you
You care so much for me
No more worries
Everything seems okay
Your beauty was shining in my eyes
My heart beats for you

In my dream
The feelings were sweet
I have never felt like that before
You looked at my face and said you loved me

Oh no the night is ending
I have to wake up now my love
I will come back again
I will keep on having sweet dreams with you