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Let's do commit suicide
Let's do make history

Will anyone go? To die together? Does anyone go? Not wanting to commit suicide? No problem in life? No afraid of death?

The questions can be answered with yes and no. Most people have no answers, but some people have no answers. That's for sure. And this number is not less at all. Lately there is a lot of suicide. Lots of people are waiting for suicide. Lots of people are going to commit suicide but not succeed. Some continue to try regularly in anticipation of a happy day. The amount of courage, strength and morale that is needed is providing itself. Why is this happening? What is the solution? What is the root of the problem?

There are many reasons for suicide. Absolutely very simple reason no one commits suicide. Everyone wants to live. He wants to live happily in peace with his relatives. But not always. However, in the irreplaceable place between getting what people want, some people become very upset mentally. More than any other suicide, there are more complications due to love / love / relationship. The main reason for this is: -When we go into a relationship like love or affection with someone we talk to them so much that they become a big part of the routine of daily life.

We have a great distance with our parents, brothers and sisters. And intimacy with friends decreases at a significant rate in the good times of the relationship. To summarize the list of loved ones, we bring that number to one person. This is the daily habit, this is the reliability, this is the constant companion of spending time. If that person suddenly leaves life for any reason, then the air of the earth stops breathing. The whole world feels like a prison. And no one is available to explain the pain of this loss, no one wants to understand these pains, no one wants to hear.

Because we can't always fully explain all the inner troubles to anyone. And if the trouble is around a certain person, then no more. Sometimes in shame, sometimes in silence, sometimes not being able to understand the depth of feeling, sometimes in the absence of reliable people. Don't become anymore. We take this difficult time from ourselves to suicide.

If the time comes for you to commit suicide, think of something more besides thinking of dying. The thoughts are as follows: -

  1. Is there no reason to survive? Parents, brothers and sisters, well-wishers, people of love, someone very close to you? Or the desire to fulfill a good dream.

  2. Is there a person around you in a worse situation than you? Not one? There is no sick person who wants to live but his condition is getting worse day by day? No one?

  3. Imagine what could happen after death?
    Try to think about the reaction of your parents, your siblings when you hear the news of death.

Moreover you can do the following: -

  1. Eliminate life expectancy or chant the mantra of ambition again and again.
  2. Be busy with something you like to do or something new.
  3. Let's go to an unknown unknown place.
  4. Try to meet new people on the street / in unfamiliar places, talk. Choose older people to talk to. They have seen the world for a long time longer than you. They have a lot more experience.
  5. Interact more closely with the person you think loves you the most, talk. Listen to his dreams about your life, think.

The greatest thing is to trust and rely on the Creator. Think about whether you have had any problems with not getting the things you didn't get in the past. Nah the profit is more for yourself and your family.

Many times we get frustrated if we don't get anything more than we deserve, but all that we get is not good for life. On the contrary, not getting anything will help you to be much better, to succeed, to move forward. So wait a minute. A little. The day will turn for you. You will receive your dues on time.

So "give time before you die.

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