Coco's spicy dishes

in Food5 months ago

My steemit friend cooked spicy Coco to eat today and this dish is a lot of chillies that I put in, there is also a mixture of roasted beef skin so that when you eat it, it's crispy and delicious.






  1. long beans
  2. large chili
  3. roasted beef skin
  4. galangal fruit
  5. small cabe,
  6. fried oil
  7. tomatoes
  8. lemongrass
  9. coriander
    10.bay leaves

how to cook, take cooking oil, heat it and immediately saute the ingredients, all of them, take the Coco spices, then stir it in, stir until cooked

thanks to the @food community that I can post in the food community. and big thanks to @steemcurator01 and @booming01 who support all communities. best regards from [email protected]