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Welcome to the skate community! Glad to have you on here. Long boarding was something I really wanted to and tried to get into but my local skate shop at the time didn’t have any of the boards. I then moved away and never got the chance, I slowly quit skating soon after, sadly, after 13 years. When we move to a different state I would love to pick it back up in the form of long boarding. It seems so fun and relaxing.

While I have you, since you are new, I would recommend using the Steempeak website, found at for the content viewing and your daily activities. Point being, they are an actual 21st century website; they give you crazy loads of features and information where the Steemit website is from the 1990’s with its complete lack of info. I can give you some more assistance if you need it, it’s a bit tricky the first time you do it but it’s quite easy afterwards. You can search Steempeak on here and read their posts and updates they do, they are constantly improving their service so go take a look. If you include the @ before the name you can find it easily, though I don’t want to do it myself because it tags the account when you do.


Definitely a good mode of transportation, relaxing, till you hit a bit hill. Then it's fun, and dangerous as F
I'll check it steam peak out. .

Yeah it would be sketchy on a hill I would imagine lol we used to do hill bombs and I could never commit like some of my friends did. One guy did this huge hill next to my parents house but it he got insane speed wobbles, I could’ve never done it lol

Let me know if you need help with the site, it requires your active key, if you know how to get that.

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