The Interview Showcase #92 - Exclusive Talk with A Venezuelan dancer/ blogger

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Hello people of Steem and Steemit,

Welcome to the 92nd edition of “The interview showcase...." and my 16th show for 2024.

If you are new to this page, this lifestyle program has many educational values. A weekly interview of users in the blog concerning some trending topics on the Steemit platform. And tips that can help other Steemians to progress positively and help boost the Steem’s growth.

It will help you to get to know more about Steemians around the globe and even Steem and Steemit itself.

I take time to look at some of the most important topics in the blockchain and have a chat/call with Steemians who have a greater idea about those topics.

They also share some tips that can help other users understand the blockchain and correctly use it. Sometimes they seek valuable suggestions here to help them solve some of their challenges.

On this week's edition of the Interview showcase, I would be speaking with a Venezuelan dancer who is making waves in her country and so passionate about her dancing skills. It has almost become a routine for her YouTube videos to pop up on my notification bar for the past two years now every week. She is young and energetic and so passionate about her dancing skills. Please join me as I welcome @elinav to the Interview showcase today.

@elinav property

: Hi Jessi, it's nice to have you on my Interview Show case today, in few words, how will you describe yourself?

🔶Elinav : Hello dear friend, it is a pleasure to be on your interview program, thank you for the opportunity.
I am a girl with a lot of energy to do whatever I set my mind to, I am very sensitive since what happens to me in my environment affects me. I like to encourage people to give their best, I have a sense of leadership, I am tender and it is not just because of my size, I try to make my vibes very feminine.

I know that I have not been a very good person, but I always try to do things well, since this gives me peace.
In short, I always try to give my best in any area, since one of my virtues is responsibility when fulfilling any task that is assigned to me.

: How long have you been blogging on steemit?

🔶Elinav: I started on the platform in March 2021, my cousins had already mentioned it to me before, but I had not been able to enter, until that month I decided completely, after Steemit has changed my life.

: Will you say blogging on steemit has affected you positively ?

🔶Elinav: Yes, as I mentioned above; Steemit has changed my life, I never thought it would be like this when I started, because it was difficult for me to write when making my posts.

But as time has passed, I was beginning to understand the way it was done on Steemit, I have learned a lot thanks to her and my Steemit friends.

Furthermore, thanks to my blogs I have received a lot of positive support, since I joined the platform, it has always been like this.

: What is one thing people doesn't know about you?

🔶Elinav: The truth is many things- I try to keep my things private because there are people who only want to cause harm. One of the things is that I am very self-conscious, insecure and naive. It is true that I have a complex about my body, but it is something that I am not saying, but they also do not know that I get frustrated when something does not go as I wanted, an example:

In dance, I love to dance, that is not new. Whenever I have my classes at the academy, I try to take all the class they give us (be it any genre), but there are moments when my body is not able to do as much and no matter how hard I try, I cannot achieve my goal of doing it well. For that, when I get home, I start to question myself and feel self-conscious about any bad step I have made.

: How have you contributed to Steem growth in your country?

🔶Elinav: A year ago, I was managing a children's community called "Crypto.Kids", there I made an active life, helping the smallest users of the platform. In my country Venezuela, there were the majority of these children, in my state especially, I was assigned several projects, without taking into account the responsibilities I had in the community, guiding users to make better content and have a good life on Steemit .

They even gave me a project "World Smile Project", it was one of the most special for me because I was able to help many children who needed help in my state, regarding their studies; We wanted to make a donation of school supplies to a school that needed help. Our beloved founder also gave many gifts to the children. I was the means she used to get it to them. Without a doubt, those were some good moments on the platform.

: I think I remembered back then.

: I have spent several hours watching your dance videos, can you tell us about your dancing career?

🔶Elinav: ***I discovered this talent when I was just 15 years old, I was not an expert, I started learning with contemporary dance videos on YouTube, and at 17 I decided to form my dance group, because I had many girls enthusiastic about my work, I was in charge of teaching them the dance steps and practiced with them. That group ended when we separated, I was 19 years old.

But, this did not change my passion for dance, it was quite the opposite, you had more desire to learn and not only contemporary dancing, but I already wanted to experiment with Hip Hop, there I met Steemit and I knew I could show my talent on this platform..

As I said earlier, as soon as I entered Steemit, I could see a lot of support, I felt very special, with the desire to continue dancing, then they stopped giving support in the dance and music community. But my desire to dance did not change, I entered the Latin Community and it was there where I continue to show my talent on the platform, every Monday.

Then, I found a dance academy; where many dance genres are practiced. I entered through my cousin, that is where I have learned everything I know now, I have improved a lot and not only that, but I have also made myself known throughout my state, through the show that we present in some events, birthdays and parties.

I feel very happy, because it is just the beginning of my great career with dancing, since I feel that it is not just a hobby, but something more special that will last many years in my life.

: Maybe, you could use this to promote an influencer.

: Do you just do dancing for steem & steemit or you enjoy doing it in real life?

🔶Elinav: Both things, I enjoy every moment I dance, because it is true, Steemit has helped me a lot through dancing, but I do it for pleasure and because I want to make my talent grow, make me known and have a great future with dancing.

There are people who look down on people who dance, they think that we will have no future, but dance has opened many doors to great artists who dedicate themselves only to dance, because this is art, just like music, or a musician who only dedicates himself to play songs. That's why they all have the same value.

: Who inspires you to consider dancing?

🔶Elinav: Many artists, but my great inspiration is "BlackPink", this group of girls, especially the best dancer "Lisa Manoban" she has been my great inspiration in recent years, because since she was little she has dedicated herself only to dancing, it is what she loves the most. She is passionate and now she is a professional. She not only dances pop, but a set of dance genres and she knows a little about everything, that's why it's very important for me to know how to dance all kinds of genres and styles.

Also when looking at my colleagues who train with me, I am very inspired to grow and know how to dance very professionally like them..

: Are you a student, what are you studying, and your level in school?

🔶Elinav: I am a university student, I am currently studying the 7th semester of my degree, I am already finishing it. I am studying public accounting, it is a career that has caught my attention because of accounts, finances and everything that is known within it.

: As a student, how do you balance your daily activities while still blogging?

🔶Elinav: I always try to go out first with my university activities, so I can dedicate time to the blog and everything assigned to me. It has been a little difficult for me, but when you want to, nothing is impossible.

: What are some common challenges you face in your career and life in general?

🔶Elinav: In my degree. Mostly it is how difficult it has become in the country, to be able to get to the university, I have to take the bus, since it is a little far away, cash is a little difficult to get, but I try not to miss it while going to school, this are the few things apart from some personal stuff.

: Which user will you like me to interview in my show and why?

🔶Elinav: I have a friend on Steemit @jesuito15, he is very talented in terms of art, he is a child who has dedicated himself to making drawings since he was very young; in color, graphite pencil and real. I would like him to have support, so that he continues to be motivated to learn and continue working on his art.

: What do you like doing in your leisure?

🔶Elinav: Dancing is what I always do in my free time, but more than this I would love to spend time with my family. Maybe play a board game, laugh and enjoy with them..

: What's your kind of music, can you sing it?

🔶Elinav: My favorite music is pop, the same genre that I dance to, especially from the group BlackPink. Yes, I could sing a song but I wouldn't be able to pronounce it very well, since they are songs in English or Korean, I have tried to pronounce them well, but there are things that are difficult for me to pronounce.

: I would choose Afro dance, if I was to choose a dance. And I would choose my favourite girl Afroo Nitaa. She is from Ghana and just launched her "Kids dance Academy" last week Sunday. I have made arrangement to bring her to my shows, one of these days...enjoy her dance below:

: If you could change one thing in the world what would that be?

🔶Elinav: I would change the way of thinking of the society, because there are people who believe they are more than others, just for the fact of doing something different, they are only those who take advantage of others, I think it would implement peace, since with it the People could be calm with themselves and with others..

: If you were to curate posts with a bigger account, what would you put into consideration?

🔶Elinav: I would pay a lot of attention to the quality of the content, how you take the photos, if they are at the perfect angle, the writing is also important, if you are active or not on the platform, but above all I would choose people who I know are giving everything for Steemit , who are not only taking advantage of it, but also want to contribute to the growth of Steem.

: If you were to visit another country, where would that be?

🔶Elinav: I would be very happy if I go to Japan, they have all the things that I would love about a country, their fauna is very beautiful, the cities, the traditions and all the care they take in this beautiful place.

: What's your favourite food?

🔶Elinav: Fried rice or Chinese food as they know it here in my country, it is very delicious and I couldn't get tired of eating it. Because my family and my best friend prepare it for me with a lot of love and that's why I love it so much.

: What stories, projects, happenings on Steem would you like to include on the press release list to help create a buzz to STEEM?

🔶Elinav: I would like them to implement a community, or contest, challenge; Let it only be a space for dancers, because I feel that this is something that very little is visible on Steemit and I would like there to be more support.

: If you were to live with a pet for a lifetime, which would you choose?

🔶Elinav: I would choose a rabbit, they are super cute, they also represent a lot to me, since they are very naughty, but at the same time calm, I love them in every way, but sadly I have never adopted one, it is very uncomfortable to keep them at home, but when have my own home; I will adopt hundreds.

: What message do you have for the Steemit team?

🔶Elinav: They are just words of gratitude, for all the work they do daily, I have experienced the same thing when I was managing a community, because it is not easy to do it, I know that they make a lot of effort to keep the platform very active, preventing plagiarism and always giving opportunities to small users who are just starting out.

: What can you say about the Interview Showcase, do you think it is interesting and should be continued?

🔶Elinav: Ohh, it seemed very excellent that you took me into account, when you gave me the news that I would be interviewed, I felt very special, but it had not been possible for health reasons, but I am already active and very happy to continue. Really, thank you very much friend for the great opportunity. Keep doing this sure, it is special.

: Thank you very much Jessi for your time, it was nice to have you on my show.

To my audience

I hope you enjoy the Show...? Do you think I am missing something? Please feel free to tell me, let's make this better daily. Share your suggestions with me, I'll so much appreciate it.

Do you have a particular topic you would like me to feature? Is there a user you would like me to feature? Please contact me (language) is not a barrier and all will be handled successfully.

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See you next week for another interesting show, don't miss it.

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Wooow. Beautiful showcase I must say. I didn’t know we had dancers on steemit. It was fun reading through all you had to say @elinav. I enjoyed the show a lot. Thanks @uboungdufot for such an amazing weekly show. Looking forward to more shows. Weldone sir.

Saludos, buenísima la entrevista, me parece una sección muy entretenida para los amantes de la lectura y te ayuda a entender de mejor manera la plataforma y como crecer en ella, felicito y agradezco a mi amiga @elinav por su mención y hago énfasis en su gran talento en el baile.

 2 months ago 

Saludoss amigo, muchísimas gracias por estar presente, tienes mucho talento y espero que puedas hacer la entrevista, ya que estoy muy segura de que puedes brindar muchos consejos como ayuda para algunos usuarios y que conozcan esta cadena de bloques. Bendiciones.

Hola amigo @ubongudofot sin duda que realizaste una bella y buena eleccion de nuestra linda @elinav una joven talentosa, apasionada y dedicada en todo lo que se propone realizar.

Amamos sus habilidades y talentos.

Muchas gracias por considerarla en tu magnifica entrevista, me parece un programa interesante. Te felicito.

Exito y bendiciones!!!


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 2 months ago 

Greetings friend❤️, it was a pleasure for me to conduct this interview, without a doubt I was very encouraged to answer each of the questions; because I know it would help new users a lot.

Just as the post says, I always try to be very enthusiastic in what I do, that includes dancing, which is my greatest passion.

I hope my interview helps a lot and that many talented users can be encouraged to do it.

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